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17 thoughts on “About

  1. So for those of you unfamiliar with this brain-shunted Klown, he is a bit of a legend.

    This is a Klown who lives abroad (as most of the most vehemently nasty psuedo-nationalist Klowns are) and copy-pastes strings of text (like the above) onto blogs that are anything but glowing with praise about the Kuntry that is so wonderful he couldn’t even stand to live there. I got spammed by four of his delightful messages today.

    So… the source of the anger is that civilized people don’t like the uncivilized Klowns who scream to anyone within earshot how civilized they are…

    And… your answer to this affront to the kulture you deem so faultless and progressive is pictures of dead 9-11 victims and expressing a desire to urinate on the bodies of murdered civilians?

    I really hope you don’t have access to weapons, Sir Klownsalot, defender of the Han. We don’t need another Virginia Tech.

    As for “pussy soldiers”, if you ever do actually make it to visit the Kuntry you don’t live in and know little about yet defend with vitriol that puts mine to shame, come check out the excuses for soldiers guarding your relatives.

    At any rate, get a fucking job Klown and stop wasting my oxygen.

  2. this blog provides by far one of the most accurate descriptions of how life and society in korea really is. no sugarcoating and no bullshit. respect.

  3. Hmmm what in particular happened in Korea that made you decide to hate everything? It seems like one extremely bad incident happened that made you decide to vent so harshly about the smaller annoyances. A lot of the things you’re extremely unhappy about i.e. slums, litter, lousy traffic are just typical urban problems.

    One thing I do dislike and can agree with you on about East Asia are places in Korea/Japan/China/ASEAN that say ‘No Foreigners’ or ‘No (x ethnicity) allowed.’ being completely backwards.
    Korea and Japan are definitely the worst in the developed world when it comes to being openly racist and anti-foreign friendly. South Korea is clearly fucking up if Anders Breivik skipped right past Nazi Germany and praised Korean ultra-nationalism.

  4. Are you still in Klown? Damn if this site didn’t make me feel 10x better about the choice of not renewing my contract. Hope you’re getting out alive! Get another post out there.

  5. I want to be your best friend. I’ve been lying in bed enraptured by your posts for the last hour (now 4am) when I should be resting for work tomorrow morning. Been here seven years myself and never have I so identified with such vitriolic venting. May it be a wake up call to me and whoever else convinces himself (beyond all evidence to the contrary) that ESL in Korea is a valid lifestyle choice. You’re smart, talented, and I admire you. I hope you landed firmly on your feet back home.

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