Klown Komments 4

An oldie but a a goodie.  This Kunt hounded my early posts, desperate for validation and attention.  I approved one of his “I’m gonna get you” posts and that just encouraged him to go the fuck off.  I think he sent in something like ten komments in a couple of days, each more disturbing than the next.

And since I just don’t have the time or energy to put up my “Jakkob’s Ladder” post yet, I’ll take the lazy man’s shortcut (Samsung calls it “Benchmarking”) and copy-paste some old shit out of the comments section.

Original reply to “Man’s Best Friend“:

LJ (Little Johnson?) wrote:

I will find out who you are, and I will expose your true identity when I do. Have fun when the students, schools, and Koreans around you know your true attitudes towards them 🙂

Be patient and enjoy it while you can.

But when you komment on a WordPress Site, you leave your IP open.  Many of us (smarter than Little Johnson) use proxies or IP masks or VPNs, so what I get back is garbage, but not Little Johnson.  So I had a go:

Well “comingforyou@yahoo.com”, John (I didn’t put up his IP or last name… perhaps I should have), I guess my first question is, “Why the fuck do you care?”

Here you are, some ethnically-Korean American [using] an IP with a lot of open ports (http://imgur.com/bG6VT46) posting out of Buffalo, New York (and already reported for spam here, tsk tsk http://www.stopforumspam.com/ipcheck/, on Patton Place halfway between Quantico Ct and Hershey Ct (GPS Location: 42.9864,-78.7279)

Nice neighborhood! http://imgur.com/Q7LZhIo

(that is a beautiful swimming pool in the back yard by the way)

Nice pool! http://imgur.com/zqF4d2I

using the Hudson Valley Host/colocrossing company operating out of Kingston, NY… (the abuse team contact info 1-800-497-5377 and abuse@hudsonvalleyhost.com for things like online threats)

So again, why do you care? Do you just hate free speech? Do you just need to threaten people online?

I’m going to guess that you have absolutely nothing better to do. I’m also going to guess that you have exactly zero bills each month that you need to pay for yourself, giving you nothing but time. Wow man, that sounds fucking awesome! Living off mom and daddy, playing Playstation, nice computer, maybe even your own shiny car… fuck, I’m jealous! Zipping around your sweet American neighborhood in your little sports car, not having to look at gobs of phlegm, puddles of vomit and piles of festering food garbage. When you pull up and start walking to the local gyopo hot spot to get some noodles and Hite beer, you can actually hear the birds in the trees as people around you are talking in human tones and not trying desperately to deafen one another. Nice. Really, really fucking nice. In the land that really established things like free speech as a modern civil right, making sure to attack others for it half a world away.

Fuck man. I’m so envious. I wish that the biggest concern in my life was trying to destroy the real life of someone who posted something online that I didn’t agree with. I really, honestly wish that. I wish that my life was so empty, so void of responsibility, so devoid of worry and burden that I had nothing, and I mean NOTHING, more important to do than threaten some random internet stranger working his ass off with no support in some far away country that I have probably never visited because he said he didn’t like the disgusting way people around him lived. Holy shit! If that was my only concern I’d fucking dance the horsey dance from Gangnam Style naked on top of a statue of Sejeong.

The difference between me and a Klown (psst… you’re a Klown) is that what I say here doesn’t hurt anyone else or impact/hinder their ability to live life enjoyably, whereas Klown behavior is meant to negatively impact as many people as possible in the most foul ways possible. Instead of Klowns getting upset with one another for actually making the world a more unpleasant place to live in a very physical and vocal way, they get upset with me for being upset with them… to the point where, rather than saying “Golly yes. Vomiting all over the streets and shouting outside apartments at 2am on Sunday is uncivilized. We should seek to change that behavior” it’s all about “How dare an unhappy person say that they are unhappy, but, you know, only if they are non-Korean! We should get him fired and alert AES to have acid thrown at him!”

Funny thing is, even if my employer and students knew how I really felt about my immediate environment (which is very, very VERY fucking different from yours), I would still be the best thing going for those kids. All I see at work is a bunch of Klowns training kids, who might otherwise grow up to be decent human beings, to be Klowns. No critical thinking. No self-reflection.

Klowns don’t think about anything that they could throw tantrums over instead. If Klowns could think and were allowed to express themselves without worry of threats like yours, Korea would still have a Namdaemun Gate and hundreds of ferry-riding kids would still be alive. Here you are, a klowny example of Klowndom, refusing to actually think about the validity of anything I have to say, but rather plotting to deprive me of earning a living, which is the only thing I have that makes time here tolerable. Why? Don’t you have anything better to do?

I mean, if you don’t give a flying fuck about the behavior of Klowns and how that behavior impacts others, why the fuck do you care if I talk about it? You can surf to a different site, I can’t just click off the klownisms, so why don’t you?

Why don’t you head on upstairs, enjoy some of that food you didn’t need to pay for, watch some TV (not the cup finals tho since the Hawks fucked that up) on the LCD you didn’t need to buy, rub one out to some Japanese Cartoon porn on the computer you didn’t need to purchase and relax with a smoke on the patio overlooking the pool you didn’t need to worry about affording. Maybe that will mellow you out a bit. It must be nice to have the option to mellow out. I wish I could. I wish I could go anywhere, LITERALLY FUCKING ANYWHERE, to mellow out. I can’t at my apartment with my screaming/stomping neighbors, not at work with the screaming/running kids and shouting/smelly coworkers, not on the subway, not on the street, not at a restaurant, not in a park, fucking nowhere. You think about that in the afterglow of orgasm coupled with the hit of nicotine. You think about how fucking lucky you are to not have to tolerate and live with the shit I live with.

If you did, you might be an even angrier fuck than you are right now… and instead of spamming blogs you might just make one of your own to vent your frustration at having all civility robbed from you just so you could make money (I know you probably don’t understand that concept but imagine if you can).

In other news, I’ve decided that this will be my last year in Klown.  I don’t think I’ll even make it to next February to finish my contract, though a completion bonus would be a nice going away gift and the winter camp and tutoring money is hard to say no to.  I’ve almost hit my savings goal and am close enough at this point to call it Mission Accomplished by Christmas.  Some nice undervalued sectors in the States ripe for an upswing call for a man with cash on hand.  Some smart balanced investments and a low-overhead SME and I’ll be basically set for life.  Yes.  I will have had to sacrifice nearly a decade of my life the Koncentration Kamp of Klown, but the light at the end of the tunnel approaches and looks bright and beautiful.  The ESL game is not what it once was in Klown, and it looks like this year won’t be nearly as profitable as years past on an hour-to-hour comparison.  Every year I work harder for the same money while the system tries to fuck me at every turn.  At least I’m not Adam Carr.

Every year this place gets worse.  If you think Klown has a future – financially or socially – you are deluding yourself.  The Kancer has metastasized and the death throes aren’t all that far off.  If this kuntry makes it another 5 years with a katastrophic IMF-level kollapse I will be flabbergasted.  If you haven’t made your exit plans yet – start.



pedo_bear_by_theshadowsnightmare-d4fk8wi Do you know what a “Bagel Girl” is? It is a Klown slang term for a girl who has a woman’s body (tits and pubes I’m guessing) but the face of a child.  This is the most desired version of the female form in this deeply fucked, unredeemable social shithole.  You see, the Klown men want to feel as though they are fucking a child without the whole business of actually fucking a child – although truth be told they do plenty of that.  Korean men are South-east Asia’s largest customer group for underage sex apparently.  Beating out (pun intended) countries with far larger populations, the per capita rate of pedophilia seems unreasonably high for Asia’s Gallbladder.  There are some, like the recent missed-opportunity-for-an-abortion ajosshi, who just go ahead and and rape an infant, thus murdering the baby.  At least that fuck got arrested, where he will no doubt serve a year or two (if not just immediately released) and then be loosed back on the vomit-strew playgrounds of Klown.  Or the “sponsor” of a 14-year-old (real world age 12) runaway who exchanged housing and food for the right to violate a fucking child… and got away with it because, fuck it, he drove an Equus. In schools, teachers can fuck underage students basically at will since not a fucking thing will happen to them.  There are so many sex criminals working as teachers in the Klown education system they could fill an airplane… an airplane which should then be driven straight into the middle of an ocean.

In Klown – a place where all human decency, altruism and sense of community has not only long since died, but has been exhumed, violated anally and then covered in a coating of phlegm, vomit and urine before being unceremoniously tossed in a roadside ditch – it is the mission of the ajosshi ruling class to defecate on and destroy every last vestige of innocence and purity.  And what better way than to sexualize minors and then make the actual act of sexual violation of said minors a sort of decriminalized “vice”. Fuck this place.  It makes me feel physically revulsed. I’m not even going to bother linking the news articles for this post.  You go ahead and Google it.  I’m so fucking sick of this kuntry and it’s fucked up, brain dead, head-in-the-sand, shallow, soulless, utterly selfish, myopic, sado-masochistic abusive bullshit that I don’t feel like re-reading these headlines, let alone the stories, that make me sick to my stomach. But hey, nothing more evil than Quincy Black or Vadim Scott or whomever the evil westerner fucking the jailbait is.  Fuck those guys, by the way.

For all you readers out there:  do you feel like you want to fuck a child?  do you feel like that elementary school girl is “giving you the look”?  do you think those middle school girl hiking up their skirts “want it”? Do me and the rest of the species a giant Klownisms favor, okay?  I want you to head over to the kitchen, grab the biggest, sharpest knife you can find and open up your jugular with it.  It’ll only hurt for half a second, and the rest will come very swiftly, trust me.  The amount of Klown-like pain and suffering you will spare the human race will be worth it.  Don’t be a Klown.  Off yourself. But pedo pieces of shit don’t off themselves often enough, do they?  Instead, they move to Klown.  Why?  Because from what anyone with a brain can tell, pedo behavior is not just decriminalized here, it’s wholesale fucking encouraged.  By the entire pop culture.  Where else in the first world can one go where the statutory rape spirit of “Hit Me Baby One More Time” is institutionalized to the point of inhabiting every screen on every channel? 11005745_10155299765050473_1344131339_n(1) Look at this fucking waste of DNA.  She’s an internet “star” here in Klown.  Her videos for some reason pop up on my Facebook feed in the form of advertising.  Her schtick is to act like a 4 year old while flaunting her surgically-enhanced chest like a street corner whore looking for some crack money. This is sexy in Korea.  A woman acting like a toddler, holding a Pororo microphone and wearing an Elmo hat.  Oh, and from the neck down a Hooters waitress. Now as much as I am not a fan of Iggy Azalea and Nikki Minaj and Beyonce, at fucking least they look like women, not children.  If a woman wants to sell her sex, be it on screen or on a motel bed, I can tolerate that, just as long as she is a woman, a cognitively and emotionally responsible grown-ass woman – not a fucking child.GIRLS_ Day_kpop24.com1 This is some meaningless, interchangeable girls’ group apparently called “Girl’s Day”, which on the surface would sound empowering. “Oh hey, we’re Girl’s Day, here to usher in a new dawn of equality!”  But no.  It’s a bunch of ajosshi-3.8-inch-cock guzzling whores who, again, have their lady parts prominently displayed in cheap polyester while their faces say, “Hey!  I’m not just young, I’m a toddler!  Look how sexually desirable my far-past-the-point-of-relatable looks are!  Come on boys!   You know you want to impose your will upon my helpless, stickerbook-weilding ass! Come on girls!  You know you want to be exactly like me – waif-like, moronic and hyper-sexualized!” And yes, these teenagers guzzle ajosshi cock or they don’t get screen time.  We learned as much from the Jang Ja-yeong suicide, as if any reasonable person couldn’t figure it the fuck out in the first place. Honestly, when I was planning to write this piece, I had something more complete in mind.  More links, more pictures, more examples… but as I sat down to actually type it, I realized I didn’t have the desire to go through it all again, not even to spell it all out for you.  The Klown obsession with not only degrading and disempowering women (half the population), but fetishising them at an age where they are so impressionable that such overwhelming social pressures and media messages can’t help but warp the mind is sick.  It symptomatic of a greater population that has so completely abandoned the core ethical principles of modern society that it difficult for me to even include them in the phrase “my fellow man”.

You know who plays in kiddie pools with yellow rubber duckies?  4 year olds.

Yeah.  You wish ajosshi.  Smallest dicks in the world.  Maybe that’s exactly why they sexualize children worse than a Japanese hentai mag.  Maybe it’s all about their needle dicks.  Child-size penises seeking out children?  Once again, just go get that kitchen knife.

You can do a search for “cute k-pop” on YouTube.  What you get is one scene of “playing with stuffed animals” juxtaposed with twerking.   “Making cupcakes with pouty lips” followed by “repeated crotch rubbing”.  “Coloring in my coloring book” next to “Jersey turnpike”.  “Changing my diapers” alongside “riding a sybian”.  It’s fucked up. And it’s on every channel.  And it’s everywhere.  And it gets worse every year.  And it’s marketed directly to pre-teen girls.  And it contains absolutely no positive or empowering messages – it’s all “Oppa! I’ll pout and you’ll treat me badly but I’ll chase you wearing a onesie so you’ll smile at me and give me a lollipop.”  And no, this isn’t some curmudgeonly disparagement of something found everywhere…. this is some sick shit and it goes way beyond the natural tendencies of men to favor youth.

And perhaps I know why.

Women are Korea’s only hope.  The men are so far-gone that it’s useless to try to save them.  They are universally despised – by everyone from Indonesian tourist hotspots to Lufthansa employees to White House staff to one another.  Ajosshis are hated, and hate each other, and hate themselves, which is why they kill themselves so fucking frequently.  Korean women might actually be able to save something from the sinking ship of Klown, but so threatened are ajosshi by women, so deathly afraid that women might actually prove them redundant, that they actively marginalize them on a scale unseen by a world where women have been marginalized for millennia.  The message to young women is clear: “You are worthless as anything but a sexual object, and only then as long as you pretend to be below the age of majority.  You shall have no power.  You shall have no authority.  You shall have no self-respect, let alone the respect of others.  You will take your obedient place in the line-up of the over one million prostitutes we have in Klown.”

I’m not a woman or a raging feminist, but I teach these young girls the industry is targeting.  I see the effect it has on their already beaten and defeated minds and spirits.  It upsets me.. but in Klown, it doesn’t surprise me.

So once again, fuck you Klown.