Happy New Klown


Well that didn’t take long.  Day 11 of 2015 and we’re off to the races.

” The fire was started from a car parked on the ground floor, which blocked the entrance to the building and caused difficulties for residents who were attempting to flee”

The National motto should be “Never Learn”

24 thoughts on “Happy New Klown

  1. Korea is just a death trap. ‘Eat shit for the sake of the nation, and then die in horrible flames for the sake of the nation’! Fuck, even 300 dead kids drowned an icy death didn’t phase Koreans and nothing has been done to improve safety in the country. Lives don’t matter here. Everything is for the sake of the Korean government = chaebol.

    Separate fires leave two dead, seven hospitalized

  2. Koreans have always attempted to excuse their barbaric and cruel dog consumption by saying ‘those are not the same as pet dogs.’ Recent investigative reporting has revealed that (as so many things in Korea) it is all total bullshit. Pet dogs are being slaughtered across Korea to make dog-stew (Bosintang).

    Keep in mind that if the dogs were humanely killed for consumption, it might not be so bad. However, the whole concept of bosingtang (largely consumed to provide additional ‘stamina’ for Korean men), is that the dog should die in a unimaginably tortured fashion, such as by being beaten to death while hung by the neck or electrified or blow-torched to death, so that the maximum amount of adrenaline can be in the dog when it dies so that the person eating the dog gets that ‘adrenaline’.

    Let’s not overlook that Korean cattle and pig farmers have committed some of the worst atrocities in the past few years, burying alive millions of livestock in order to fend off hoof and mouth disease. The Korean government ‘protects’ the Korean farming industry, but in reality they just perpetuate wholesale cruelty to animals on an unimaginable scale.

    IF a society may be judged by how it treats its most vulnerable members, then Korea surely deserves a warm place in hell for its barbaric and cruel treatment of animals and its utter disregard for international standards of respect for animal life.

    Former pets slaughtered for dog meat across Korea

  3. Holy freaking Christ. After 1 year, 4 months and 16 days of a Korean – American relationship, I can safely say you are completely correct about the whole mindset being freakin’ Klown. The behavior I experienced was insane, like a Pisces crossbred with a sociopath and a Sybil with multiple personality disorder and a nasty case of respect me, I must do it my way. After a certain point I kept him around for pure mental entertainment, then drop kicked his ass in the middle of nowhere on certain tropical island. I left his mentally disturbed person in the middle of a national park, drove back to the hotel room, left for another hotel, and cancelled his plane ticket. It was ever so fun to watch his little brain text and call me..until I blocked him after the 5th attempt. He actually thought I was going to be fine with him lying to me about being married, the attempts to defraud me of money via paypal in his daughter’s name, the constant shift of emotions ( ever hear of gaslighting? I began to wonder exactly how many personalities this klown had), and some of the most ridiculously bad, selfish sex excused as shyness.

      • Unfortunately I was a pretty stupid sheep..i think it took more like 6-8 months, and most of that period was long distance communications. I was in USA, he was in Korea. The last 6 months was payback playtime hehehe. Never again. Never. AT least I did not lose money.
        I think you’d be tickled at some of the paybacks. Here are some;
        I had him searching for 5-6 hours all over Seoul for Cajun seasoning;
        I pretended to be late several times and watched him flounder through calls & texts to me in coffee cafes and restaurants;
        I lied and said homeland security act prevented me from transferring sums over $1000 overseas for at least 30 days everytime he asked me for money; Then I casually left my ‘asset portfolio’ of an ungodly amount lying out on the table.
        I dressed outlandishly Las Vegas style at a Klown family wedding, Angelina Joile thigh high slit dress & rented enough real jewelry to make everyone gasp, then acted bored the entire time and talked with a southern drawl to friend back home on my cell; I gave my $100 gift in singles, BTW…wish I could have gotten american nickels.
        On a road trip to gangneung, I made him stop several times on the excuse of a pee, & then made him buy me ridiculous mementos at every one.
        At the beach was priceless…i would walk up to strangers and start talking in english or another obscure middle eastern language I know, and pretended to burst into tears, then point at my stomach as if i were pregnant, wail & run into the sea. They attacked him verbally & 1 adjumma started to beat him with her hat!
        I also ordered expensive food, and then said I was on a diet, and picked at it.
        The sex payback was pure evil…I told him I was into bondage & I left him tied up on a bed while I just left him there for a while…and then took one his italian leather belts and spanked him with it, saying in a kitteny voice what a bad boy i knew he was..and pretended to climax, then left him for a shower for another 15 minutes or so. no happy ending for him that night!
        i insisted on a male massage guy when we went for massages & made sure to make many loud sounds, then tipped the massage guy extravagantly in front of the klown. – the idiot had taken me to a massage place once before & I knew he had gotten the girl to give him a ‘happy ending’ and the look on his face when I acted the same way & tipped the massage guy was pure envy & jealousy.
        I was a bitch in short…and damn, it was fun.

      • Nonsense. You are a perfectly fine man. Date. Get a girl. Fall in love or something. There’s nothing wrong with the rest of the world.
        I doubt you’d really be anything more than a nice guy who enjoyed the small refinements in life – a cold beer, a good steak, your favorite leather jacket & some foot massaging when you’ve been on your feet all day. I’d never do a normal guy like this. I tend to respect men, and am a pretty easily pleased woman.
        The klown had it coming. Simply put, he is, and most likely will always be, a sociopath.
        Its too sad in a way…that I feel like this. I wish I could have left Korea/Klowntown with a feeling of happiness. I wish it could have been love. I wish it could have been a lot of things. But the sad reality is this:
        ” Do not try to understand them…and do not try to make them understand you. That is because they are a breed apart and make no sense”.

        Chingachgook, The Last Of The Mohicans

    • Sure…what do you wish to ask the evil wench oracle tonight? ( leans back, takes a swig off her ice cold beverage and smiles with wicked glint in her eye…)

    • LOTMC

      Contracts here are jokes. Unless you have some specific savings goal to stay for, gtfo.
      As for your specific problem, yes, that is illegal. It’s also illegal for them to fire you for lodging a complaint against them for doing something illegal. go for it now, and let them know that there will be further trouble for me you should they try and fuck you, which they will anyway, and for which you will get paid if you are prepared.

      For a normal, sane, reasonably socially adjusted person, there is absolutely no value whatsoever for living in Korea except for money. That’s it. Anybody who tries to tell you otherwise, to invest this place with some sort of quality that it doesn’t have, is lying to themselves and to you.

      The possible exception would be if you were coming from some really desperate third world country. Some place where you were sleeping in the mud, surrounded by disease bearing farm animals, where half your village had died of some horrific plague, and militias roamed the streets at night murdering people and hacking off their arms. Then I could see how Korea would be considered an upgrade. however, in terms of first world countries, in terms of OECD member nations, comparing apples to apples, this place is the unwashed toilet bowl.

  4. Jeez…that’s some scary shit. Despite her protests I think Ms. Evil One just might have a plastic lined room hidden away somewhere with boxes full of blood samples. I mean shit, if you don’t like the man just walk the fuck away. Why waste all that energy and time? Sounds like you two might have actually been right for each other.

    • I kind of agree with this….

      But for some it takes several lifetimes to learn how to just walk the f*** away (Myself very much included)

      • Girl you gotta learn to turn the radio up, slap the rear view mirror and spin gravel on the way out. Just leave them standing there with their mouth hanging open.

      • LOL thanks for making me laugh TT Johns

        And btw how are you Mr. Klownisms and when are we going to run away together?

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