I’m going to tell you something.

Something true, but something taboo.

Something that will (with any luck) make the heads of koreaboo, ajosshi-jizz-guzzling K-pop aficionado fuckbags literally explode.

Not all cultures are equal.

Not all cultures are beautiful.

Not all cultures have value.

Now this isn’t eugenics, because eugenics has to do with race and genetic ethnicity.  What I’m talking about isn’t racial, because aside from a few small physiological tendencies associated with certain genetic subsets, I’m of the mind that we’re all quite capable of species advancement and improvement on a socially-cooperative, mutualistic basis.  Capable, yes, but as that old Nature-nurture chestnut gets more and more clearly resolved, capability doesn’t mean shit without the proper environment.

So I don’t buy into “racial superiority” personally.  I don’t think race is a Darwinistically-favored trait outside of immediate physical survival (i.e. darker skin for intense sunshine in the tropics, shorter arms and legs for heat conservation among Inuit etc), meaning that now that we humans are entirely socially-selected animals – in the sense that we create our own physical environments to a large extent and are therefore not subject to the same natural selection criteria as other animals – race means fuck all.  But culture.

There are most definitely superior cultures.

Now the apologists are already starting to get red in the face… an aneurysm boiling in that vein in the neck… it’s not the bowing versus handshake, or the roundabout versus the 4-way stop or the kimchi versus the edible food… but the deep culture, the framework upon which a regional society is built, that can most assuredly be superior or inferior.

Of course, all cultures have inferior and superior qualities and attributes, but taken as a whole and independent from a human nature baseline, Klown Kulture is inferior.

If the ultimate goal of humanity is to accomplish goals such as: interstellar travel and trans-planetary habitation, instantaneous sharing and expansion of collective knowledge base, zero-pollution energy production, sustainable and safe food production for billions, zero species extinction and the like, Klown Kulture is nothing but an unfortunate vomit puddle along the path to evolution.

For reasons I have already written extensively about (copying and stealing versus innovating, sadistic abuse of others for no measurable gain, refusal to set and enforce logical codes of conduct and boundaries, brainwashing with outdated nationalistic propaganda, inability to self-educate through historical precedent, unwillingness to be self-critical of kulture, biting the hand that feeds, poor sportsmanship, a general coating of putrid filth and rot over every possible surface, self-deluding tendencies, and so on and so on) Klown Kulture is inferior.  Inferior in an evolutionary sense.  With few (if any) positive and useful traits.

I struggle to think of even one aspect of Klown Kulture that I would like to see preserved in the global fabric and passed forth to future generations of humans.  Ummm… uhh… the only things that come to mind are the bald-faced lies that Klowns tell themselves about their cultural values.  Things like “we respect our elders” and “we are the best parents“.  But I honestly can’t think of anything… nothing… nothing that I would want to see kept.

Oh wait!  Maybe… nope.  That’s also bullshit.  I guess there isn’t anything.

When a tradition or aspect of a culture is flawed or counterproductive, the intelligent thing to do is to get rid of it in favor of something that makes sense, not blindly defend it just because it existed yesterday.  Segregation and institutionalized racism (such as apartheid), public beheadings, witch hunts and bloodletting were all traditional aspects of Caucasian culture… but they were terrible, regressive ideas that got tossed out.  Adjustments were made.  Social evolution was achieved.  An example and precedent was set and modeled for others.

Some cultures and “traditions” just need to go.  Western Klown apologists (Kaucasian Klowns), spineless protest-bus ESL teachers and the like just can’t accept that the society immediately surrounding them has no value, because that means accepting that we are in purgatory here, a shitty work camp we may never escape from.  A bad choice.  A plane ticket that should have never been purchased.

I don’t expect those same apologists would, for example, extoll the virtues of traditional Islamic culture on display when a teenage girl is flogged to death for having a boyfriend.  The connection between the “culture” and the action is so clear and uncommon, it’s hard to make the “people do stuff like that all over the world” argument as Koreaboo apologists so often do when it comes to 300 dead kids on a ferry or yet another traffic fatality.  The misogyny on display with “traditional” female genital mutilation in some cultures is an extreme example, but fully in the same vein as the million prostitutes in Klown, the domestic abuse, the workplace inequity etc.  Slavery is “bad culture” but forcing children to study 70+ hours a week in sacrifice of everything else and for no appreciable end result isn’t “cultural” at all?

The reprehensible behavior that is common within a society, whether that be cops shooting black kids (Rambo culture meets fear of a black planet culture) or universal, socially-reinforced hierarchical sadistic abuse (The Human Centipede culture), stems from culture.  Like with Nature-Nurture, there are certain aspects of human nature that are just anti-social, and no society is completely free of murderers, thieves, litterbugs or shout-talkers, but when there is such an overwhelming tendency, such a high per-capita/per-meter rate of observabilty of a certain behavior linked to a certain group of people, it is completely logical and justifiable to link the underlying culture to the resultant behavior.

The apologist taint-lickers who get all indignant when it is suggested that scores of dead people in “accidents” is actually a manifestation of culture in Korea I guaranfuckingtee don’t hesitate for the split second it takes Michael Moore to inhale a honey cruller to pin the obscene numbers of gun-related deaths each year in America to culture.  Why?  Because they aren’t logical or academic, they just like to imagine they are.  They like to imagine their liberal arts degree from the local state college has enlightened them and made them philosophers (and apparently bloggers).  They aren’t.  They’re full of shit; they’re idiots thinking themselves idealists. They avoid the harsh, cold light of realistic reflection like Dracula avoids the dawn.

I’m a realist.  When I see a short, fat, weak, pug-nosed, beady-eyed, asthmatic guy trying hard (and failing) to calculate tax or a tip, I think, “Genetic weak link.  That guy needs to be naturally selected out of the equation.”  Yeah, he’s a human.  Yeah, he’s got parents somewhere that love him.  I don’t hate the guy, unless he’s bothering me or impeding my right to pursue happiness, but he shouldn’t reproduce.  Not PC to say in this world of white-guilt, hold-hands-across-the-globe, the-children-are-all-god’s-creatures…. but true.

When I see Klown and its kulture, I feel precisely the same way.  Sure, its a culture.  Sure, there are some Klowns out there who profess to love it, but it shouldn’t propagate.  Nobody else should need to be indoctrinated into it.  It’s a social weak link.  Not PC to say…but true.


7 thoughts on “Diplomatik

  1. I haven’t read your entire blog. I spent a couple of hours last night reading a lot of it. None of the comments until today. You know I’ve never been to Korea. I know a couple of Korean women here married to Americans. I know their kids. They went to school with mine. The kids aren’t Korean at all. None of them speak Korean, don’t have any interest in Korea and don’t even like most of the food. (Why anyone would like it escapes me anyway. News flash mother fucker, boiled pork is not a delicacy. Some retard actually told me that once. I’m from Virginia hoss. We eat pig from snout to tail and nobody fucking boils that shit. Except the damned guts. Black people don’t even eat the shit grinder here anymore, they ain’t that godddam hard up.) Anyway, the kids with Korean moms, they’re all just straight up American kids. I know them better than the mothers. I’ve tried to be friends with their mothers but one of them is a fundy Christian and the other is pretty much a bitch. I’m friendly to them but we don’t click, big surprise huh. Funny too because I know more about Korea than any of their kids. Can’t blame the kids. I’m sure they’ve had enough Korean. Their moms are Korean.

    Recently I’ve been questioning why I’ve remained interested in Korea for at least a couple of years now. I think I realize why. It makes me feel better about the grubby shit going on here in the US. I’m really depressed about it since I’m old enough to remember a time when I had a speck of hope for humanity. Certainly in my youth I thought America was a place that had a lot going for it. I’m still damned thankful I was born here even if a good 50% of Americans are every bit as sociopathic and retarded as Koreans seem to be. When I was reading last night I couldn’t help but think, can he find nothing redeeming? Apparently not. A year ago I would have called you an asshole and stopped reading, but not today. I am a little curious how you could live there so long and be so repulsed by it all. Then I realized I live in the US and I find a lot of my own culture repulsive. Being from Virginia not Chicago, I’ve gotta tell you, the level of backwater, fundy Christian, Mossy Oak, kiss my stars and stripes flag draped assholery is enough to make me want to take myself out the good old American way with a 9mm slug. I’m probably a lot older than you so I don’t have any time left for a do over and I don’t make enough money to get the fuck outta here. Seriously though, if I could unload my two slacker offspring then I might have a hope of spending the rest of my golden years somewhere warm and alone. If I’m lucky, warm and under some old dude who doesn’t drink too much and still has most of his teeth. Anyway, just wanted to vent a bit like you do and tell you that Korea might actually be good for something. When you do come home it’ll make you that much happier to be here. Cheers bro. BTW I’ve only ever been to the touristy part of Chicago but I fucking loved it. it’s a beautiful city and the people were great.

    • Thanks for taking the time.

      Chicago ain’t paradise, but there is certainly a lot I miss… And I’m not even from the touristy part.

      America has some serious problems of its own, but they are coupled with some lingering threads of cultural brilliance that the optimist in me can’t help but hope will be clung to when the current wave of apathy passes.

      That being said, when I get back, I might just start a “Chi-isms” blog about Street violence and drug use.

  2. I totally disagree with all your comments about food but I sure do have a good (and bitter) laugh with every post… just recently I became aware of the Dunning-Kruger effect which.. ” is a cognitive bias wherein unskilled individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly rating their ability much higher than is accurate. This bias is attributed to a metacognitive inability of the unskilled to recognize their ineptitude.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunning%E2%80%93Kruger_effect) Guess which country came to my mind…..

    • Koreans and cars just don’t go well together.

      On more than one occasion I saw grown men rolling around in the middle of the street after a fender-bender trying to beat each other senseless.

      In LA, Koreans can’t seem to comprehend the concept of a four-way stop and driving in Koreatown is just a nightmare.

      Koreans always want to be number one-at least they have succeeded in number of auto fatalities!

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  4. “Not all cultures are equal.

    Not all cultures are beautiful.

    Not all cultures have value.”

    Very well put! We have this cultural relativist crap shoved down our throats from the moment we enter school and throughout our lives.

    Those who remain sheltered in their home environment can go their entire lives believing such rubbish. Those of us who have eyes and can engage in discriminate thinking know better.

    What boggles my mind is how completely brainwashed many people are. There are those who can live in a place like Korea for multiple years and still spout shit about the beauty of the culture or the uniqueness of the place!

    Surely on some level they know they are full of it!

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