Klown Koncerto

Oh hey there!  How ya doin?  Long time no see!

Say, remember when those Klowns killed a bunch of kids by loading them on a ferry and then ensuring it sank by continuously ignoring basic, common sense, a lobotomized-monkey-could-figure-it-out safety procedures?  Huh?  Remember that?

Remember how the Klowns bowed their heads and said some “Oh so sorry”s and there was outrage for 5 minutes and everyone put a yellow ribbon on their avatars and vows were made to protect the population from the kind of outrageous negligent homicides that killed those kids?

Ah memories.  Seems like only a few months ago… Oh yeah.  It was only a few months ago.  And in that stretch, roofs have collapsed, trains have burned, helicopters have crashed, reports have been falsified, subway stations have caught fire, foods have been declared unsafe-but-yet-still-mass-marketed, and countless other occurrences, grossly disproportionate to the rest of the developed world, have killed dozens upon dozens of people in Korea… and nothing has been learned.

Nothing except this:  Klowns do not change because they do not want to change.

They do not want to change because they do not feel it necessary to change.

They do not feel it necessary to change because they are told that the problems that befall them cannot possible have anything to do with the “culture” into which they are so sickeningly and militaristically indoctrinated – a “culture” which is beyond questioning.

If something goes wrong, it is another country’s fault, or at the very least, someone else’s fault.  Someone is scapegoated, there are some apologies, maybe some token trial, usually a suicide or two (it’s a national pastime! so traditional!)

Edit: Right on cue

Fucking Klowns.

But hey, we’ve been over all that, right?  Let’s talk hypotheticals.

Let’s say you are going to put on a concert.  A big concert.  Thousands of people in attendance.  Let’s further say that many, if not most, of those in attendance were going to be teenagers.  Let’s go on and imagine you are going to be putting on a K-Pop girls concert, and that your job is to ensure the safety of those attending.

Now I know what you’re thinking… “Dude!  It’s a K-pop girls’ group koncert! Why would we try to protect the concertgoers?  Isn’t it desirable for us, as a species, to let Darwinism take over and remove these genetic weak leaks?”

Now now buddy… they’re only teenagers.  There might still possibly be hope.  I mean, they could possibly emigrate out or be sent to live with overseas relatives for a few years or join a traveling circus or something.  Let’s at least try to keep them alive to see university graduation.

So you’re in charge of security.  What do you do?  Maybe ensure the high voltage cables are taped down?  Maybe set up a perimeter fence?  Do you think maybe, just maybe, you might fence off places where it would be unsafe for hoardes of semi-retarded (I mean, they are K-pop fans) teenagers to stand and scream and drool?  You know, things like giant holes in the ground covered loosely by metal grates?

Nah.  Why do something as basic as keep crowds of kids from jumping up and down on metal grates covering a giant 35-foot pit

Not unless you were a Klown.


CNN has a nice video attached to its report.  I particularly feel incensed by the stupid, vacant looks, not just of the still-performing, auto-tuned stage-sluts with the sub-80 IQs, but of the ajosshi gathering around the hole.

Well golly gee willikers,” they seem to be saying to themselves, “who’da thunk that thin bands of Korean-made, ajosshi-approved ‘steel’ would give way under the weight of dozens of people jumping on them?  What should we do now?  Should we stare blankly into the hole and shine smartphones into it, or should we go down and try to save who we can after setting up a perimeter to prevent other, similarly mentally-challenged Klowns from falling into the gaping pit while trying to get a selfie?  Maybe we should all just go sit in mismatched plastic chairs and on plastic stools on a filthy, spit-riddled sidewalk somewhere and drink degreaser (soju) until we kill enough of the few remaining brain cells we have to forget all this unpleasantness that was obviously the fault of the Japs!

Edit: Looks like they were adults. Adults who should have known better. Darwin Award winners, all of them. Unsurprisingly, it also appears itself wasn’t properly weatherproofed or reinforced. Klowns killing Klowns in the endless cycle of psychopathy that is Klown Kulture .

I wonder what the body count is this year, Klown?  How many thousands have died because of your incompetent neglect?  Your arrogant negligence?

Year’s not done yet.  A bit over 2 months to go.


12 thoughts on “Klown Koncerto

  1. Don’t sweat it. These types of ‘accidents’ happen all the time. Roofs collapse, buses fly down mountain cliffs, ships sink with 300 dead kids.

    It doesn’t matter at all overall. This is more or less the cost of doing business here and keeping profits high.

    I say this because if Korean society truly valued human life, they would spend the extra money, use some decent foresight and prediction about potential risks and sincerely look out for one another.

    Time and time again Koreans have proven themselves not only unable to look out for one another (unless they are promoting themselves on the international stage) but unwilling to really do anything meaningful about it.

    The usual pattern will follow.

    1) Accident
    2) Shock
    3) Blame will be assigned
    4) People will bow in front of cameras (media frenzy will begin)
    5) Meaningless promises will be made to appease hurt family members
    6) Politicians will argue and debate, then get sidetracked
    7) Families will be shown grieving at funerals
    8) Politicians will show up for points with the public
    9) More promises will be made
    10) The witch-hunt will begin to appease public anger
    11) Media goes in full witch-hunt mode
    12) People run or are arrested
    13) Those arrested are assumed guilty
    14) Charges are promptly brought up
    15) Kangaroo court convicts the accused.
    16) Previous promises are more or less forgotten
    17) After enough time, no one really cares about the incident and figures it’s probably better (and cheaper) to just keep things as they were.

    18) Wait for the next ‘accident’ to happen and watch the cycle repeat.

  2. hey Im a bit late to discover this wonderful site of yours. DId you ever mention about racism in korea yet? I wanna read it. I know they really hate foreigners . They treat me like I am a disease even i look the same as them.

  3. Well of course. Because no one would think to put a guard rail along the edge of the grating. Oh no, we can’t have that, because doing so would mean less people could get packed into enjoy the ear-splitting majesty of the K-pop and so would decrease the “prestige” factor of the concert.

    I love how CNN mentioned something about safety falling behind because of Korea’s “rapid development.” That’s putting it rather kindly.

  4. Oh, just found this. Hard to believe, but it’s a Korean who said it:
    “Every time, it’s same. The same headlines, the same government reaction and what not. The newspapers blame lax safety measures as the cause of yet another disaster and the saddest of all is that it all could have been prevented,” Lee said.
    “What’s next?” Lee asked himself, and answered: “Some high-ranking government official bows in front of the cameras. Someone resigns, and it seems to quiet down. And another accident happens. It’s so cyclical that mentioning the problem seems boring.”

      • Try reading online articles in the Korea Herald and you have to contend with endless photos of Korean women’s boobs and hineys – no faces, just the body parts in positions clearly posed to attract serious news seekers. Klassy! Check out the “most read” articles on any of the websites like The Korea Herald, Chosun, Joongang, Korea Times, Dong A…… the most read articles are always the most irrelevant. Minho ‘admitting or denying’ he boinked Nayoung or Miss ABCD in her shekshiest video yet are always more important than the real news. It’s stunning.

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