Man’s Best Friend

It has been written how poor man is amongst the animals, how pitiable, as man has but two, and only two friends in the world – the horse and the dog.

Of those, it is the dog that has been called, “Man’s Best Friend”, a companion, a guard, an animal domesticated 13,000 years ago to be our amigo, sometimes even a savior.

In Korea, dogs go by a different name adherent to the lovely traditional culture: “lunch”.

Curse us Western Imperialists! Curse us for trying to dictate what forms of meat are and aren’t acceptable to eat! Do we not slaughter pigs, who are “every bit as intelligent as dogs”? How dare we try and rob from Korea its virtuous and unspoiled traditional culture!

Dog meat, prepared usually as a stew of sorts in Korea, has long been the target of animal rights activists from the West. I can see why. Klowns don’t. It isn’t about the meat per se, it is about the preparation. The dogs are kept in conditions a calf being prepared for veal would be envious of. But that’s the best part. Then there is the torture.   Videos here, here, here and here.

You see, dogs are not ajosshi. They are far, far down the Human Centipede chain. And as detailed in that post, there is nothing Klowns love more than abusing others. Klown Katnip. So when the opportunity comes to torture a defenseless animal, well they make sure to do it right. Dogs are strung up from trees by their ankles, beaten repeatedly (I’ve heard 100 non-lethal strikes is the best), burned alive, raped anally with a sandpaper-covered crowbar, made to watch doggy snuff films, given the old bamboo under the fingernails and – in the most extreme cases – forced to listen to K-pop. Okay, well only the first few are confirmed, but I’m sure there are a few “bonus” tortures thrown in. In the civilized world, people understand that animals eat other animals as part of this crazy “food chain” thing, and that the slaughter of animals used for food needn’t be some drawn out, sick snuff porn of butchering. Rather, animals are killed quickly – necks snapped, decapitation, throat slit, bolt gun to the brain – then processed to be used as food. I can’t think of a contemporary western example of how any animal is aggressively tortured for an extended amount of time like Klowns torture dogs, for use as meat or otherwise.

Why? Well the more fear the dog feels, the more adrenaline it produces, which Klowns believe will alter the texture and taste of the meat in some meaningful way that excuses the … oh who are we kidding, these Klowns LOVE, just fucking love, torturing the poor fucking mutts.

Let’s not forget the “traditional” aspect of dog meat, which is to say that back when Korea was a dirt poor country of peasant farmers wallowing in their own stink and filth, spitting and slopping about, drinking the most vile of moonshines and having sex with teenagers… as opposed to today when Korea is a wealthy country of peasant farmers wallowing in their own stink and filth, spitting and slopping about, drinking the most vile of moonshines and having sex with teenagers… there wasn’t a whole lot of meat around. Much like today, meals consisted of compost. This is why SPAM is popular here, as an actual gift, because when the GIs came in to save Korea from… Korea… it was the only meat going. Klowns saying dog meat is “traditional” is like saying slavery is traditional. Sure, it was done, but the reasons for it weren’t pretty. Klowns can try and talk up dog meat and being somehow good for one’s health, which this site (predictably) has a big problem believing, or that it improves virility and sexual stamina. The latter is disproved daily by the hordes of disgusting, 3.8-incher ajosshi scum who roll their pasty, sweaty, bloated bodies off whores they started slobbering all over a mere 90 seconds earlier (no wonder whores here hate serving foreigners… with an ajosshi they’re done in a few minutes, free to spend the next 57 playing with their ‘handphones’, but with a foreigner they have to work for that whole hour). At any rate, it is born out of extreme poverty and desperation to kill for meat the animal you rely on for so many other aspects of life, especially as a farmer… continued, I’m guessing, because they just loved to torment the animals under the handy Klown excuse of “please understand my Kulture”.

Despite being traditional and wondrous and healthy and all things neat and nifty, Klowns have been backing away from dog meat when the practice starts to damage their “image” (hey Klown, your image abroad is shit… don’t worry about damaging something so utterly fucked and ruined). They did so during the ’88 Olympics (but proceeded to barbeque doves on live TV), and they’re doing it again now.

“There is no practice of eating dogs in Korea” is the money shot quote. Other articles have the issue downplayed in other ways, trying to say that it is an all-but-dead tradition in Korea, practiced only in the deep countryside blah blah blah. Below is a picture a friend shot on a trip last weekend to Ansan, hardly what one would call “the countryside”. Not content with torture before and during slaughter, the head must be mounted beside the carcass as if it were on a pike. That is fitting. Please take this image to symbolize Klown – socially medieval.


Once the issue has made the media rounds a bit, everything will go back to business as usual. Ferries will continue to operate without any meaningful safety oversight, old men will continue to burn shit to the ground when they throw man-child tantrums (Korean male Klowns are basically perpetually regressed children), work crews will continue to follow absolutely no safety protocols, medicine will be unsafely distributed, and dog meat will be just as unsanitary and sociopathic as ever. And the Koreans who aren’t Klowns, who are generally of the younger and better-traveled variety, either won’t ever question these “traditions”, or will be shouted down by their ajosshi Klown overlords; either way they’ll be bowing their heads and backing out the doorway.

But I propose something radical, something different – I say we parade dog meat eating, in all its glory, as loudly and proudly as possible, especially during the Olympics.

Come on Klowns! You want to be proud of your unique, special, 5,000-year-old culture, right? I mean, that’s what all the Times Square billboards and NYT ads and belligerence is about, right? Don’t hide it! Show the world! Have displays for tourists where toothless ajummas are beating yelping dogs half to death. Hell, why not skin them alive, China-style, to show your worldliness? Maybe a booth for visitors (assuming anyone would be stupid enough to pay to come here) where they can press the button that turns on the blow torch! Wheeee! Watch them squirm and squeal! It’s traditional! Have you heard about the Korea? Do you know the kimchi? You parade that shit, Klowns. You own it girlfriend! Let’s advocate the Klowns letting the world know how completely unapologetic they are for refusing to change social practices popularized in the 12th century. In fact, let’s take the face of our little friend up above and put that on the Korean flag… that way the true message of Klown will come across loud and clear, and people like the hordes of ESL teachers that come in year after year won’t feel lied to and scammed when the reality of Klown hits them…

The Proud Republic of Klown: Fuck you. We’re wallowing in thousand-year-old excrement and loving it.”


40 thoughts on “Man’s Best Friend

  1. I never tried dog. I understand the treatment is brutal. Then again, people are brutal to other animals and to each other. So, the concern here is brutality. I don’t know why we are so terrible to other living things. I think people are just fond of killing, maybe. I’m not gonna complain much. I enjoy meat on my plate.

    • ‘The Korean’ has a whole bunch of roller-coaster-of-stupidity articles on his site, most of which take his natural predisposition for whining, along with his ‘mommy-pushed-me-to-become-a-lawyer’ sense of Korean brand entitlement and whip them all together in a blender to create a perfect whirlwind storm of arrogant, nearly unreadable nonsense on a range of topics that most people don’t care about. Most of his posts sound like a relatively intelligent person who has recently smoked crack cocaine and is now standing on top of a soap box using his courtroom style attorney-speak to pick apart any argument or statement that portrays his ancestral homeland in a less than sparkling light. This being despite the fact that he and his family essentially chucked their Korean passports into the trash can when they took refuge in America. I wonder if American expats defend America with the same fervor that Korean expats do, from the comfort of their western existences, no less.

      • He seems to labour under the illusion that as long as he can put his opinion into sentences and paragraphs then it is automatically correct. That’s his entire strategy of argument – ‘I’m saying it, thus it is proven’.

    • The first part of the essay is a reasonable if highly cold and calculative approach to the problem. As soon as he started talking about cultural imperialism, that’s when I checked out.

      • I felt he checked out of the logic zone rather quickly. “It is easy to see which side of the argument is logical and balanced,” he says as he proceeds to immediately abandon logic. He quotes a CARE quote which basically says, “This particular law doesn’t have the legal teeth to change the things we want to see change. Regulation would mean that the practice of killing and eating dog would be accepted, and the practices currently in place in the slaughter of these animals would be unlikely to change since there is unlikely to be meaningful punishment.” (I read into it that nothing short of the cessation of the slaughter of dogs would satisfy them) To which the Korean replies (referring to himself in the 3rd person), “See? This proves my point! They are in a culture war! They don’t care about animals at all! I was talking to my pet rock yesterday and I received a transmission through my tinfoil hat from the mother ship that told me the animal rights activists are actually reverse vampires here to feed blood to bats!”

        My first thought was, “This guy’s a lawyer? This guy’s a fucking moron!”

        My second thought was, “It is absolutely amazing what kind of academic credentials you can buy with mommy and daddy’s money (that they emmigrated out of the country he so desperately wants to defend).”

  2. You must be a one helluva of fat, ugly, white motherfucker to be raging this way. Fess up. You know that you are a wanna be, and has been a big, lard ass, who can’t get any from your gay boys. Even they don’t want to butt fuck you!

    • And once again…
      Fucks like you pop up fucking constantly, lacking the two things Klowns need most: self-awareness and a break from hypocrisy.

      1) If you don’t like what I have to say, do not fucking read it. How much more fucking simple do I need to make it to get it through your thick, padded helmet, thicker skull and through your mongoloid foreheads? Don’t fucking read it.

      2) This deserves it’s own post, but your writing is a whole different level of hate. You and your ilk post here and other places about how “hateful” I am, how my “raging” upsets you, how my “vitriol” is antisocial… and you frame these, uh, critiques? with hate that even i cannot muster. I don’t threaten to kill people. I don’t wish them to be murdered. I don’t say that I wish them to be anally raped… but you do. You really, really need to figure out what a hypocrite is, because it is you. I mean Jesus fucking Christ! The shit that gyopo fuckbags like you spew is literally illegally hateful. While some people mistakenly call me a racist, you most unapologetically are one. And a homophobe. I thought I was miserable… but in the light of the comments I receive here (this being one of the tamer ones that is still fucking retarded enough to approve and showcase) I’m beginning to think I’m relatively gleeful.

      3) You are posting from Boise, Idaho. While far from the centerpiece of global culture, it’s further from actually living in Korea (where I pay my taxes and work hard… as opposed to leeching off my parents who emmigrated their money out of their beloved Korea). Given your @outlook email name “santoki009”, and your location, I’m going to guess you are a gyopo. Have you heard of a site called “Korean Sentry”? You’d love it. It’s all a bunch of gyopos talking about how much they hate white people and how they steal “their” women (Korean women are not allowed to have free will in the same way I am not allowed to have free speech and thus are ‘property’ of Korean men) and how they’re all losers. Or this group called “Anti English Spectrum”? Totally up your alley. They advocate all kinds of violence and other sick shit against anyone with a white face, including (but I’m sure not limited to) throwing acid in their faces on the streets after stalking them for weeks. These are the places you should be logging onto. These are your people. I’m not sure how kindly they look upon Korean Klowns who have abandoned their sacred homeland to enjoy the civilized western world… but you’re such a nice guy I’m certain they’ll welcome you with open arms (and if you’re lucky, open butt cheeks).







      • Don’t let yourself be riled up by those worthless gyopos. A witty rejoinder is all it takes.

  3. If I’d have known you were gonna use that photo in a post, I would have gotten you a better one. I snapped that pic simply because it happened to be the first “Dog head for sale!” I saw that day. Later that afternoon I came across glass display cases outside of “businesses” lined with that same “product”. At least these “establishments”(?) took measures to keep the flies away.

  4. Now that China is the sweat shop of the world, SK is screwed. No Cold War threat for Japan and USA to build up their country.. Get ready for hard times.
    My old boss wasa a Korean. Wealthy philistine who split her family so her kids could have a marginally higher chance of attending a u.s. school to avoid the draft and earn marginally higher dough. She wouldnt even give me a reference. talk about selfishness…

  5. I will find out who you are, and I will expose your true identity when I do. Have fun when the students, schools, and Koreans around you know your true attitudes towards them 🙂

    Be patient and enjoy it while you can.

    • Well “”, John, I guess my first question is, “Why the fuck do you care?”

      Here you are, some ethnically-Korean American (although it seems odd that you also have, registered to your IP), an IP with a lot of open ports ( posting out of Buffalo, New York (and already reported for spam here, tsk tsk, on Patton Place halfway between Quantico Ct and Hershey Ct (GPS Location: 42.9864,-78.7279)

      Nice neighborhood!

      (that is a beautiful swimming pool in the back yard by the way)

      Nice pool!

      using the Hudson Valley Host/colocrossing company operating out of Kingston, NY… (the abuse team contact info 1-800-497-5377 and for things like online threats)

      So again, why do you care? Do you just hate free speech? Do you just need to threaten people online?

      I’m going to guess that you have absolutely nothing better to do. I’m also going to guess that you have exactly zero bills each month that you need to pay for yourself, giving you nothing but time. Wow man, that sounds fucking awesome! Living off mom and daddy, playing Playstation, nice computer, maybe even your own shiny car… fuck, I’m jealous! Zipping around your sweet American neighborhood in your little sports car, not having to look at gobs of phlegm, puddles of vomit and piles of festering food garbage. When you pull up and start walking to the local gyopo hot spot to get some noodles and Hite beer, you can actually hear the birds in the trees as people around you are talking in human tones and not trying desperately to deafen one another. Nice. Really, really fucking nice. In the land that really established things like free speech as a modern civil right, making sure to attack others for it half a world away.

      Fuck man. I’m so envious. I wish that the biggest concern in my life was trying to destroy the real life of someone who posted something online that I didn’t agree with. I really, honestly wish that. I wish that my life was so empty, so void of responsibility, so devoid of worry and burden that I had nothing, and I mean NOTHING, more important to do than threaten some random internet stranger working his ass off with no support in some far away country that I have probably never visited because he said he didn’t like the disgusting way people around him lived. Holy shit! If that was my only concern I’d fucking dance the horsey dance from Gangnam Style naked on top of a statue of Sejeong.

      The difference between me and a Klown (psst… you’re a Klown) is that what I say here doesn’t hurt anyone else or impact/hinder their ability to live life enjoyably, whereas Klown behavior is meant to negatively impact as many people as possible in the most foul ways possible. Instead of Klowns getting upset with one another for actually making the world a more unpleasant place to live in a very physical and vocal way, they get upset with me for being upset with them… to the point where, rather than saying “Golly yes. Vomiting all over the streets and shouting outside apartments at 2am on Sunday is uncivilized. We should seek to change that behavior” it’s all about “How dare an unhappy person say that they are unhappy, but, you know, only if they are non-Korean! We should get him fired and alert AES to have acid thrown at him!”

      Funny thing is, even if my employer and students knew how I really felt about my immediate environment (which is very, very VERY fucking different from yours), I would still be the best thing going for those kids. All I see at work is a bunch of Klowns training kids, who might otherwise grow up to be decent human beings, to be Klowns. No critical thinking. No self-reflection.

      Klowns don’t think about anything that they could throw tantrums over instead. If Klowns could think and were allowed to express themselves without worry of threats like yours, Korea would still have a Namdaemun Gate and hundreds of ferry-riding kids would still be alive. Here you are, a klowny example of Klowndom, refusing to actually think about the validity of anything I have to say, but rather plotting to deprive me of earning a living, which is the only thing I have that makes time here tolerable. Why? Don’t you have anything better to do?

      I mean, if you don’t give a flying fuck about the behavior of Klowns and how that behavior impacts others, why the fuck do you care if I talk about it? You can surf to a different site, I can’t just click off the klownisms, so why don’t you?

      Why don’t you head on upstairs, enjoy some of that food you didn’t need to pay for, watch some TV (not the cup finals tho since the Hawks fucked that up) on the LCD you didn’t need to buy, rub one out to some Japanese Cartoon porn on the computer you didn’t need to purchase and relax with a smoke on the patio overlooking the pool you didn’t need to worry about affording. Maybe that will mellow you out a bit. It must be nice to have the option to mellow out. I wish I could. I wish I could go anywhere, LITERALLY FUCKING ANYWHERE, to mellow out. I can’t at my apartment with my screaming/stomping neighbors, not at work with the screaming/running kids and shouting/smelly coworkers, not on the subway, not on the street, not at a restaurant, not in a park, fucking nowhere. You think about that in the afterglow of orgasm coupled with the hit of nicotine. You think about how fucking lucky you are to not have to tolerate and live with the shit I live with.

      If you did, you might be an even angrier fuck than you are right now… and instead of spamming blogs you might just make one of your own to vent your frustration at having all civility robbed from you just so you could make money (I know you probably don’t understand that concept but imagine if you can).

    • … grass… traffic-free roads… nobody passed out drunk.. regular trash pick-up…. no army of stray cats… no brothels… police that actually do their jobs… etc etc etc

  6. A lot of Korean parents with violent, mentally unstable male children seem to uproot and move overseas, instead of doing the right thing and putting a pillow over their little faces and snuffing them out before they hit puberty. Hence all the angry comments you get from psycho klowns living abroad.
    America and the developed world are truly becomming the world’s sewer where all the shit washes up when places like Korea flush their social toilets.

  7. Actually, I dont think most Koreans living here could even process what you write, let alone get offended by it. In my time here Ive been pretty frank to Koreans about my opinion of their country and they either quietly agree or disregard me as a disgruntled foreigner. The substance of my rants are never engaged. The only people I have offended have been fellow foreigners who have the luxury of indulging their PC sensibilities. So, in the hypothetical scenario where your writings were exposed, the main issue for your Korean boss would be why you were so disliked by your fellow foreigners. It would be totally a social thing. As you have pointed out repeatedly on this blog, Klowns here lack the perspective, critical reasoning skills and self-awareness to be offended by your opinions. . .

    • “…the main issue for your Korean boss would be why you were so disliked by your fellow foreigners. It would be totally a social thing.”
      Oh man, so true!!!! Freaking unbelievable.

  8. It’s interesting to have it confirmed that any Edward Snowden-style whistle-blowing on Korea inevitably brings out Korea’s infamous cyber-bullying. Check out a Los Angeles Times article about (some) Koreans’ penchant for gang-stalking on the internet:
    Korea’s notorious ethnic malignant narcissism would be comical if not so criminally inclined. Mr. Blogger, glad to see you aren’t intimidated by cyber-bullies (Klowns?) who should actually be afraid of their own Korean government now attempting to crack-down on this unsavory Korean propensity.

    • That would be a post all to itself.

      This is an unhappy place full of angry, unhappy people. The unhappiness is self-perpetuating.

      Any attempt to make the situation better so as to promote happiness is attacked.

      Any person daring to mention how unhappy things are is attacked.

      Human life has almost no value. The happiness of others most definitely has no value.

      People are offing themselves in record numbers.

      When I came here, I was a fairly happy guy. I enjoyed social activities, dating, outdoor activities…. 8 years later, while far from suicidal, I am most certainly not a happy person. The environment here is poisonous to the soul.

      And as for the Korean government cracking down… the government here is a nepotism and bribery-fueled dumbfuckery of a joke. I trust the Korean government to administer difficult social tasks as much as I trust an Auburn Gresham crackhead to house sit for me.

  9. Actually i was one of those people who was thinking about trying dogmeat just because it was one of those cultural things… But like you seem to suggest in a lot of your posts…just because it is cultural doesnt make it right. Like one of my favorite youtube hosts likes to say about muslim cultures that subjugate women … If that’s your culture than your culture is wrong. If torturing animals is part of Korean culture than that part of Korean culture is wrong. I do have to disagree with you on one other count however… I like a lot of Korean food.

    P.S. I also like the catch phrase you use. Please understand my culture. Its like the religious excuse to me.

    • A few years back there was a story out of Iran about a 20-something young woman who was caught by “the morality police” there for having a boyfriend. She was sentenced to some potentially-lethal number of lashes with a whip (over 100). There was an outcry from the west. Iran’s response was that the rest of the world had to “respect their culture”

      How do you respect something so totally lacking in the quality itself?

      There are many things that are “traditional” to the human race… burning suspected witches at the stake for example… but one would hope that progress and social evolution would be seen as more important than abusive “traditions”

    • Sure.

      As with a lot of my expressions, they aren’t exactly original creations. “Klown”, “please understand my culture” and others were themselves borrowed for use here.

      I try to inject a fair amount of “borrowed” vocabulary and expressions into my writing. I get more than a few messages about “I know who you are! You’re Zack from Jinju! Man, don’t lie! That’s totally you!”. I borrowed (let’s call it “Was Samsung inspired” by) from Zack in part, so it would be wrong to deny you borrowing something like “oxygen thief” 🙂

  10. I’m so hungry, I could eat a St. Bernard!
    Part of Korea’s poisonous environment is its culture of “ambient abuse” originally perfected to subliminally drive out Japanese occupiers.
    This toxic ambience is now an unconscious aspect of Korean culture. Chronic invasion of proxemic space (intruding the space around someone’s body) plus the uncertainty factor of Ajjumas veering into one’s path (threatening a crash)… is a subliminal mobbing tactic designed to vex a foreigner with a thousand stop and starts as he attempts to walk down a sidewalk in Korea.
    The Korean national tic (cough/hawking/spit) is a noise campaign designed to virtually “slime” a foreigner’s unconscious– wearing him down by attrition (the ol’ Korean death by a thousand cuts method).
    Unfortunately, this psychological warfare employed for foreigners is causing collateral damage– as evidenced by Korea’s world class suicide rate. They are literally shitting on themselves.

    • You might well be on to something with the ambient abuse to drive out the foreign element… except for the fact that the worst abuse is not just directed at other Klowns, but at their own neighbors. The phlegm, the vomit, the shouting… much of this is done within earshot of a Klown’s place of work or residence.

      I’d like to think that Klowns had the premeditation and social wherewithal to actually, consciously plan and execute such behavior with a relateable and comprehensible endgame in mind… but this simply isn’t the case; it’s plain and simple social peasantry.

      It would be easier to accept an organized “psychological warfare” campaign against the evil foreigner (to whom the Klowns owe their very democratic, wealthy, not-buried-in-a-mass-grave existence) as opposed to the reality, which is that this is just how they live.

      Klowns revel and wallow in misery and suffering like a pig rolls in mud and shit. It is a way of life inasmuch as growing corn and running are a way of life for the Tarahumara people. Klowns make ol’ Bucky Fuller roll over in his grave.

      They are literally shitting on themselves. You’re right. And it is causing them to off themselves in record numbers.

      And they wouldn’t have it any other way.

    • “Part of Korea’s poisonous environment is its culture of “ambient abuse” originally perfected to subliminally drive out Japanese occupiers.
      This toxic ambience is now an unconscious aspect of Korean culture”
      Very interesting. How come I never met people like you when I was there? All the foreigners I met were so weak and dead inside. The social cost of making an observation similar to the one above was extreme.

      • Dolly,
        You are correct. The social cost of making a politically incorrect observation is extreme. I suspect most expatriates in Korea have been soul-scalped by Korea (or back home) and are the walking-dead looking to cannibalize the flesh of someone who can “still see.” Apparently, our host blogger managed to escape the soul-scalping process both in Korea and back home. He is doing a good job of staying one-step ahead of the zombies.

      • They just keep on coming in their shambling hoardes.

        At least they’re more the “Walking Dead”-variety shamblers than the” 28 Days Later”-variety runners.

  11. You are probably correct about Korea’s boorishness being simple peasantry, Mr. Blog host.
    I was hoping there is a method to the madness. But, (sigh!) it’s merely peasants flashing watches, suits, I-phones, and turning Starbucks into a daycare center for screaming children. I would suggest Korea’s deep core spirituality, shamanism lurks behind Korea’s religious front-operation (Christianity) and that shamanism is the essential moral compass behind the culture’s unrestrained self-absorption. Shamanism negotiates with invisible entities in order to leverage blessings for self and curses on enemies. My question: Who are these invisible entities Koreans rely on? Are they reputable? Can we really trust a mountain spirit or a creepy elemental residing inside a rock shaped like a phallus?
    Apparently, the guiding wisdom of Korean spirituality is a simple tribal formula: “The survival and gratification of the in-group above all other principles.” Could Korean Kristianity, therefore, actually be a front operation for demonic tribal spirits and penis-shaped rocks forged into idols? Is Korea, in reality, a Satanic peasant cult comprised of phlegm-spitting Kristians aspiring to build the world’s largest mega-church for the glory of “the race?” What happens when Korea finally missionizes the world?
    I’m frightened, I tell you.
    That’s right, frightened!

    • Fascinating analysis, Jenny. I tend to side with you on this. I think there is more to it than mere lack of education or so-called peasantry. Obviously you get into some facetiousness here but your basic insights about Korean shamanism are worth contemplating further.

  12. I’ll never understand why many Koreans seemingly choose to be (“seemingly choose” because I’m giving them that benefit of the doubt) ignorant of common sense: “In summer, dog meat is good for health. It gives you stamina because it has protein. And if you have broken bone, doctor says it helps heal fastly.” This coming from men who aren’t at all up to standards in terms of healthy lifestyles.

    I’ve gotten to the point where, without hesitation and almost cutting them off because I know what they’re gonna say, I state: “Nah, I just keep myself hydrated in summer. Bananas and water. And what’s the difference between dog meat and a tuna sandwich and milk — or chicken or, by golly, any other type of meat? I could just as well live off apples/bananas and peanut butter.”

    • You’ll never understand it because it makes no fucking sense.

      If some K-pop celebrities came out together and started publicly claiming, “We really love drinking monkey urine! It makes our skin so youthful-looking! It’s traditional! Former queens of Korea did and now we do too” you’d have 14 companies selling bottles of (most likely fake) primate piss to millions of morons country-wide.

      That’s all it takes. There is zero critical thought from the public. None whatsoever. The thought of questioning the claims wouldn’t even cross their mind.

      I made a major purchase a while back on a product for which there were several local brands competing. The one I was looking at was more expensive than most. Just by looking at the display I could tell WHY, but when I asked the sales girl, she replied (in English, she was a student returnee), “You can trust this one because it is endorsed by <insert name of celebrity I couldn't care enough about to learn her name)! She is a famous comedian, so you know this is a good product."

      She was dead serious.

      That comedian stuck comic gold.

  13. Interesting to read all these cultural apologists bending over backwards with their PC crap, but then again, after 50 years of having cultural sensitivity and cultural relativism shoved down our throats, no wonder most people buy it all hook, line and sinker. Only once one lives and truly experiences a shit hole like Korea, does the picture become clear. “It’s their culture” is not an excuse for barbarism. No, all cultures are not ‘equal’-not by a long shot.

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