“Please Understand my Culture”


ImagePolitical cartoon featuring Simon from “Eat Your Kimchi”enjoying a meal with two ajossi friends

This is the umbrella statement issued by Klowns whenever someone from a real first-world country questions the asinine, filthy, disrespectful, totally disgusting ways that Klowns behave.

Why is anyone who has been here longer than, oh, a month, surprised by this?

Korea is a fucking pig farm with nice lighting.

Before Japan, the fucking Klowns might as well have been feudal peasants from the 8th century.  Even after 40 years forcibly modernizing this skid mark peninsula, the fucking Klowns still clung to moronic “traditional” (read: medieval) ideas that even those countries who actually developed them abandoned. 

The west and Japan threw a bunch of money at the place, which yielded some sweatshops and roads, they got the Olympics, they got shit tons of foreign investment, they spent billions upon billions upon billions importing ESL teachers and learning Engrishee… and STILL they want to behave like inbred, illiterate, farm-animal raping fucks.  It’s a fucking choice.  They are willfully, even proudly, deeply socially retarded and they don’t even have the faintest fucking clue WHY.  They do it because everyone else is doing it and they have zero ability to think for themselves.  Fuck PISA scores, these fucking tards have chosen to develop the social skills of a 3-year-old autistic.

Yes.  There are people in our home countries who behave in a similarly socially-retarded manner.  Actually inbred hillbillies, serious drug addicts, those who have been impoverished for generations, the certifiably mentally ill…. these people have similar ways of handling “civilized” life.  They are the demographic fringes, the social exceptions.  Here in Klown, they are the rule.  They are so much the norm that they are thoroughly unexceptional.

So backward, so Aspbergersy are these ghetto lottery winners that they can’t even begin to rationalize the behavior that is all around them.  They have no ability to think independently, so how the fuck are they going to make sense of the toilet bowl that is their country, let alone the savage motherfuckers that shit all over it from within?  They can’t, so the standard response is “Please understand my culture.”

Fuck you.

I’ll work harder to understand your culture when you work harder to act like a modern fucking human being. 

Klowns, you don’t understand concepts like “socialization“, “culture” and “community“, but don’t assume the rest of the world is similarly mentally deficient.  “Please understand my culture” is all about your ignorance, your inability to understand, not mine.  You don’t get it.  You don’t know how/have no intention of fixing it, so you pass it off under the blanket explanation of “culture”.

You trough-fed, slop-bucket gobbling, sty-dwelling fuck.  Stop burying your head in the “understand my culture” sand and fucking do something about these walking, spitting, shouting sacks of dog feces you call countrymen.

I think I understand Korean “Kulture” just fine.  It’s right there out on full display in every public bathroom, on every subway, in eery apartment building.  It’s you, Klown, who need to “understand Korean culture” because, clearly, you don’t have a fucking clue.


15 thoughts on ““Please Understand my Culture”

  1. I bet you are nowhere near as bitter and righteous in real life as you sound on this blog. You just need a hug.

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  3. classic arrogance starting at around the 30 second mark. if there’s one thing whitey hates most about korea, it’s the size.

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