Good Morning!

Woke up to some delightful news! 

Kim Yuna did not win the gold!

Thank fuck!

I mean, yeah, I have to listen to the fucking Klowns piss and moan and whine and carry on for the next fucking four years about how they were cheated… and yeah, they’ll make sure that they elevate Olympic cheating to a whole new level with the 2018 games (I imagine that they will win every single medal in every single sport, even ones they don’t compete it)… but this is justice.

Remember Roy Jones Jr. being robbed in 1988?

Remember the thievery against Spain and Italy in the 2002 World Cup?

Remember how the Klowns paraded themselves as masterful athletes each and every time they cheated to win?

Well after a utterly shitty Winter Games this year (guess they couldn’t bribe the Russians?  That doesn’t sound right…) the most important medal didn’t materialize for them.  Maybe she was cheated, maybe not, maybe the Russians and the rest of the world just fucking hate Klowns and their long history of Klown bullshit in international sports and decided that there was no way in fuck Yuna was getting a medal.

I’m not gay so I’m not much of an armchair figure skating judge, and actually didn’t watch the performances at all, but I’m sure the missed gold was well-deserved, one way or another.

Ever since Yuna and her bitch mother fired that fruity Canadian coach of hers that took her form teenager to Olympic gold in a typically mannerless, thankless Klown way I’ve hated seeing that weird muppet grin of hers plastered all over every product and posterable surface.

Good morning indeed 🙂


6 thoughts on “Good Morning!

  1. All I asked for this Olympics was no fucking drama. Guess what happened – Drama! Every fucking event – Drama.
    I hope to holy hell, that I can get away from Korea during the Winter Olympics. Drama level overload.

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