To Spite Your Face

The future does not look bright for Sparkling South Korea, despite what the propaganda machine is churning out.


Korea’s economy, the “Miracle on the Han”, which lifted one of the poorest nations on Earth into the G20, was built on two things: blatant intellectual property theft/plagiarism, and foreign aid (including things like reparations money that was supposed to be sent to comfort women).  From the muddy river-side shanties of just a few generations ago to modern apartments, the entire upward swing has been on the back of an economy which innovates almost nothing and opts instead to ape whatever actual innovators do and then offer the same products at better rates (often subsidized by overcharging the domestic consumer to power overseas price wars while at the same time shipping jobs abroad).  From the earliest Hyundai cars to modern smartphones, Korea has unapologetically copied every single thing that has given it economic success.  This manufacturing, export-driven economy cannot possibly last, however. 


Eventually, Chinese product quality will rival that of Korean, and even the Americans won’t be able to say no to the huge discount price difference between the two.  Klowns – in their typical moronic, illogical, arrogant Klown way – will be unable to compete on price and will instead try to claim their products are of a quality so superior as to be considered “luxury”.  Naturally, the actually-civilized world will laugh in their faces, pull investment (as they have already been doing) and buy from people they actually like.  Sure, sure, Korea talks about mastering industries like financial services, but let’s face it, only a brain-shunt-bearing, puking, puling cross-eyed imbecile would trust Klowns to manage their major assets.  When it comes to other people’s money, Klowns have about as high an ethical standard as an African dictator, or perhaps their Nork cousins across the border.  Nosiree, the economic future of Klown does not look bright, for many reasons.


In order to survive the future, Klown is going to need friends.  Other nations and leaders who want to support Korea as part of a relationship of mutualism.  As the globe, well, globalizes, people with money or in-demand products and services have an ever-growing number of partners to choose from.  Beyond the obvious issues of trust, people don’t generally want to deal with whiners, international sports cheats, misguided cultural supremacists and copycats, not unless there is a really juicy bit of meat attached to having to suffer through such assholery.  Take away the manufacturing meat and… well.


The Sea of Japan is the Sea of Japan.  The name denotes ownership as much as the Gulf of Mexico or the Indian Ocean do.  The sea is to the east of only Korea, where Klowns have been pissing their pants in a tantrum over renaming the body of water “the East Sea”.


What the motherfuck?


There is no benefit here.  A name change recognized around the world would not yield any new territory, rights to resources, shipping lanes… nada.  There would be no financial or political benefit whatsoever.


What it would do would piss off everyone in the region, but especially Japan – its closest neighbor – who, when China rises, will be about the only nation that will have enough empathy with the situation to work cooperatively with Klown.  But beyond that, in order to achieve the goal of having this body of water renamed for no other purpose than to piss off the Japanese, the Klowns are cashing in what few political checks they have.  In the States, the Klown lobbyists are pushing weak-spined politicians in states like Virginia to sign onto proposals to support making “East Sea” an official (in some small way) name.  For the politician, it means absolutely nothing as what the Klowns want to name some relatively unimportant body of water is such a trivial, meaningless non-issue that why wouldn’t they sign something about it to gain a few hundred votes?  But what happens when the Klowns actually need to lobby for something meaningful?  They’ve already leveraged their political support to get some maps amended (well, actually, to get a paper that says some tertiary state kinda, maybe supports the idea of maybe thinking about wondering about if the maps should, at some point, be amended).  When contracts for things like fleets of Klown-made government vehicles start going to China (or Japan if prices can be adjusted), what then?  Stupid, myopic Klown; maybe you can use that shiny new map as a blanket when you’re sleeping in a doorway.


What a stupid, fucking petty thing to whine about.  One more reason for countries around the world to hate Klown, ban Klowns from their establishments, refuse to buy their products… So they can, what?  “Stick it to the Japs”?  Holy fucknut.  Good fucking luck in the future Klown, you’re going to desperately need it.  Right now you’ve got something that makes the other kids want to play with you, but there isn’t any love or kinship there.  Very soon you’re going to be eating your lunch alone under a tree behind the gym, teary-eyed and grubby, wondering why everyone else despises you.

11 thoughts on “To Spite Your Face

  1. Man,

    If I were you, I’d take my things, my memories, my experiences; book my flight; and go home as soon as possible. Because, if you stay in Korea – and I’m assuming you live, work and teach English here -; you are going to make yourself very, very sick….eventually. I’ve rarely read so much negative stuff about ANYTHING, and you don’t – or perhaps can’t (don’t know how??) even use humor to leaven your thinking out a bit.

    Go home, dude. And peace be with you!!! I won’t even mention the irony of the fact that – assuming you DO live and work in Korea – you take the monthly salary some Korean actually gives you outta their bottom line!!!

    • Ah Banger, you’re not wrong. I’ve aged 15 years in the 8 I’ve been here. As an American working as an Engrishee teacher here, I’m getting paid shit to live in a cesspool. Thing is, I’ve made my bed. If I were going to have left, it should have been 7 years ago when I could have still returned home, head held high, and jumped right back into the job market.

      Now what? I’m on the wrong side of 30 and have spent nearly the last decade teaching ESL in Asia. I have no marketable experience to reenter the job market back home, which is already lean and tough for people who HAVE spent the last decade working stateside.

      I’m not sure what the “irony” of the i’m-not-going-to-mention-it-so-here’s-me-mentioning-it bit about my salary coming out of their bottom line is supposed to mean, but okay… thanks? fuck off? namaste?

      At a certain point in expat life you become a prisoner of your own stupidity in ever having stayed longer than a year.

      • Man, touche~~ But anything has to be better than letting all that stress related gastric juice percolate through your bio-system!! But venting it via this blog is one way, I guess – But on the other hand, is it worth the energy it takes to write?????

        As Don Juan said to Carlos Castenada – reportedly – Our current reality reflects the power of our imaginations~~

        Blow this dump if yer not happy, man. The U.S. – despite the current social/economic situation – STILL has to be better than bedding down in this place if you find that it sucks so much – and at times it oh so surely does. I hear ya on that score.

        Right, fuck off me, now, and back to the twilight zone.

  2. My God you are right about the Sea of Japan. Yes I always thought it was a silly topic of debate. Maybe some minor importance. Now I see it as a horrible symptom of Korean behavior and their future. Really the line below blew my mind.
    There is no benefit here. A name change recognized around the world would not yield any new territory, rights to resources, shipping lanes…
    Yep- they do this hollering and whining that in the grand scheme means …. nothing.

  3. I’ve lived here 8 years too.

    In that time i’ve saved a small fortune.

    I’ve also developed some serious hatred for this country and its people.

    I honestly don’t understand those honkies who profess to loving Korean culture. What’s there to love?

    • For most it’s an escape from the hellish social and economic failure that was their life back home, and the fresh start that anonymity in East Asia gives them, coupled with the fact that even seriously fucked up and awkward waygooks will make friends here, either with equally fucked up social refugees or with Klowns who enjoy the sideshow/handbag of a white “friend”

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  5. The Sea of Japan, which contains Takeshima, has been the international standard since the early 19th century. If Korea had brought itself out of its self imposed hermitness and medieval ways earlier, perhaps it could have been called the Sea of Korea. Instead, while Japan was modernizing and creating a decent society, Korea languished.

    The name ‘East Sea’ makes no sense internationally, since the body of water is east of only the Korean peninsula. This is another classic example of the Koreans wanting desperately for their country to be relevant.

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