Comfort Women

Ooooh!  Sensitive issue!  Hot button topic!

Is it though?  I mean, it is, but only in the sense that the crimes of the Nazis are “hot button topics”.

The Nazis industrialized death.  They did things so inhumane that sociologists and psychologists had to redefine their understanding of humanity.  Great, idealistic minds became pessimistic realists in the aftermath.  Today, however, the western world has moved on.  Actually, they moved on some time ago.  While there is always going to be a certain sideways resentment toward the Germans, intelligent and educated people who adhere to a principle called common sense realize that people are merely sheep who, unfortunately, are prone to blindly follow despotic leaders on occasion.  Any first year psych student has studied the classic experiments of psychologists like Milgram and Asche.  Their work on obedience and conformity show that, even without threat or incentive that approximately two thirds of all people will do what they are told to do by authority figures, even if that means casting aside human decency and morals.

Further, Germany and Japan are far from the only countries whose people have willingly, salivating-ly followed despots.  Obviously the masochistic North Koreans love their Kims, and the south has had a few monsters at the helm.  Just have a look at the Jeju Uprising (, a 1948 massacre of up to 60,000 people in the small island of Jeju by South Koreans.  Some 70% of the villages on the island were burned to the ground.  Victims were buried in mass graves.  This was more recent than WW2.  One interesting snippet: “The young men were executed, and girls were also executed after they had been gangraped over two weeks.”  Let’s come back to that one in a bit, shall we?

In Klown “culture”, Japan must never, ever be forgiven for the colonization of Korea.  Ever.  Now, before I continue, let me be clear in saying that I in no way condone the past actions of imperialist Japan.  I’m not excusing anything done in that time.  That being said… back to the “Japan is evil and must never be forgiven” thing.  There are few common topics in this vein for the glorious people of the Han:

Japan Desecrated Korea’s Wondrous Culture!

Koreans were poor, uneducated, largely illiterate farmers living in squalor prior to the Japanese colonization.  Unwilling to embrace concepts such as modern medicine, plumbing and engines, the absolutely dirt poor Koreans DID have such marvels as rotten (fine, “fermented”) cabbage, wine made from the feces of children (poo wine), architecture ripped off from the Chinese and a bastardized form of Confucianism (more on that in another post).  The Japanese came in and basically built the modern infrastructural foundation of the country, from roads to electrical wires to hospitals to schools.  Later, the Japanese economic model was copied… and by copied I mean that products that Japan was producing were plagiarized by Koreans and sold at an undercutting price due to the virtual slave labor wages at the time… establishing the foundation of “modern” Klown (where the Chinese are now cursed for copying Korean-made goods… oh the irony).  Basically, the parts of the Korean culture that were uniquely Korean – the clothing, the disgusting food, the traditional housing – were just fine.  The language was put at risk.  That is true… but anyone who has listened to a pair of Koreans “konversing” and a pair of Japanese people talking in human tones would have to wonder how much easier on the ears Klown would be if the Japanese had succeeded in replacing the local language with their own.  Korea before Japan? Mud hole. Korea after Japan? Somewhat better organized mud hole.  Is it that simple and cut-and-dry?  No.  Was the way in which the modern infrastructure of Klown established pleasant and morally sound?  No.  Was the “culture” here destroyed?  No.

Japan Has Never Apologized!  Shut the fuck up.

But… but… Comfort Women!

Ah-ha!  Okay, comfort women.  For those that don’t know, “comfort women” were women taken by the Japanese to serve as prostitutes for the soldiers.  Totally disgusting and reprehensible behavior.  Only some sick fucks would institutionalize prostitution on a large scale, right?  Right up there on par with forcing sexual favors in return for a livelihood, or frequenting underage sex workers, right?

As indignant and vocal as Klowns are about comfort women (nearly all of whom are now long dead as are the soldiers who raped them), it is hard, very hard, to sympathize.

In 2003 I read an article in a respected western newspaper that estimated the number of straight-up sex workers in Korea at 600,000+.  I’m going to guess that with kissing rooms, coffee whores and freelancers – not to mention what smartphone apps have done for the industry – that the number is well over a million today.  A million prostitutes!  In a tiny country that nearly no one wants to visit.  These prostitutes serve Korean johns almost exclusively (refusing service to non-Koreans).  They are EVERYWHERE – next to every school, near every family restaurant, along every boulevard.  Government workers, major corporations, SMEs, farmers… they all frequent whores.  It is very much socially accepted.

Forcing young women into sexual servitude is also part and parcel of the Klown entertainment industry.  It is occasionally forced into light by a high profile suicide, but it is generally understood that, if you want to be a professional entertainer, you must first be a professional in other ways.  Klown female entertainers are “sponsored” – for their clothes, [ineffectual] voice lessons and multiple plastic surgeries – by wealthy ajosshi.  This isn’t out of the goodness of the ajosshi’s blackened and cancerous heart.  The men in power in Korea find it a necessary part of life to cram cum down the gullets of young women who just want to sing and dance and act, certainly not find themselves the sperm repositories of the most unattractive men on earth.

Remember the quote above re: the Jeju Uprising? Self-explanatory here.

How about underage prostitutes?  Korean men are notorious as the leading consumer demographic for Southeast Asia’s whoring industry – particularly the underagers. As if having a million whores at home, all dedicated to serving none but the ajosshi, these Klowns still need to take their kimchi stink abroad to befoul some 12-year-old Filipinos.  Yeah, sickos from around the world do this, but the proportional representation by Koreans is telling.

So what’s the point?  Well, Koreans complaining about pressuring (even forcing) women into sexual servitude – and in particular getting all evangelical about abusing women via prostitution in general – is about as hypocritical as me complaining about someone not being culturally sensitive enough… or swearing too fucking frequently.  It’s akin to the recent US indigence over Chinese air pollution.  It’s like the Japanese whinging about disturbing, deviant German porn.

So now we have the world’s largest whoremongers complaining about the Japanese using women as whores – nearly a century ago, in wartime, under an insane dictatorship.  Building statues and staging protests… but why?  They’ll tell you it’s because Japan never apologized (see above).  If you debunk that, they’ll tell you it’s because there was no compensation for the victims. Well, It’s at this point that they’ll get red in the face and start screaming at you about the evils of prostitution… I’ve got $1,000 that says they’re standing less than 500m away from some form of brothel as they scream.

Move on Klown.  More civilized and socially-advanced countries own up to their failures in an effort to promote self-improvement.  In fact, isn’t self-criticism a Confucian tenet?  When you think about nations that still seethe and hiss over atrocities committed against their ancestors by some other national group’s ancestors to the point where healthy and normalized diplomacy is impossible, do you think about developed, first-world nations?  Or do you think about the Balkans?  Certain sub-Saharan African messes? The war-torn Middle East?  If Klown wants to be a first-world country, it’s going to take a lot more than some smartphones and window dressing; it’s going to take an upgrade in socialization from “3-year-old-throwing-tantrum” to “moderately well-adjusted grade 1 student”.


10 thoughts on “Comfort Women

  1. I found the poo wine difficult, not impossible because I’ve lived in Korea, to believe, so I clicked on your kindly provided link. Here’s from the article:

    “The fecal wine local history of the Korean peninsula has been many centuries, except for the era when the Japanese Empire prohibited the practice due to health concerns.

    One more reason to hate the Japanese.

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    • Knowing what an important issue this is in South Korea, I am sure that as we speak a heartfelt apology is being written, textbooks are being amended and monuments are being built by the South Korean government to honor these forgotten patriots.

  3. The Klowns have recently convinced the Glendale, CA council to put up a monument to the ‘comfort women’ on government property! The Japanese community is of course rightfully upset. How do these Klowns think need a monument to such a thing on public property in the USA? I find it downright offensive. These ‘people’ never cease to amaze me.

  4. The historical record shows that Japan has apologized and paid reparations. It isn’t the fault of ‘victims’ that the Korean government used the money for development.

    There isn’t a war or post-war situation in existence in history, where local women haven’t turned to the oldest profession to survive. I may be an asshole, but I’d be willing to bet the vast majority of these women voluntarily entered into such arrangements

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