Urban Dictionary defines “Klown” as “A derogatory slang term for a Korean person, usually of a certain age (middle age and older). A Klown is, specifically, a Korean person who lacks a social conscience, community-mindedness, proper manners or common sense. Klowns are Koreans who have difficulty with even the simplest forms of locomotion and should never be allowed to operate a motor vehicle. Klowns are generally bigots who thoroughly enjoy (and feel entitled to) treat other people of a lower social class in disrespectful and insulting ways.”  But did you know that the word Klown can also be used to refer to the country of Korea?  North or South you ask?  It makes no difference; use the word in reference to either.

This is merely one of the fun facts you’ll find here at Klownisms!

Now perhaps you are searching the net, looking for sites describing life in South Korea, thinking over the prospect of moving here to teach English and experience a 5,000 year old “culture”.  If this is the case, I’m certain you will find this site eye-opening and a most useful tool in determining your future direction and course.

Perhaps you are a long term expat here, looking for a place where the frustration you feel is articulated by someone else, giving you a sense that you are not alone in your misery and self-loathing for having set up camp in a pig sty.

Perhaps you are a Korean (though it seems the most indignant and nationalistic Korean apologists are actually Koreans living abroad, far, far away from the Human Centipede that is Klown) and you are offended.  In that case, fuck off.  The time you spend playing internet Defender of the Han is far, far better spent trying to socialize your Kuntrymen.  Don’t like the failures of your Kulture vocalized?  Don’t talk to me, talk to the filthy ajosshi passed out on the kindergarten playground, pants pissed and soju bottle in hand.  Talk to the woman who decided to be a mother but not a parent.  Talk to the pharmaceutical companies or nuclear power plant parts manufacturers who falsify documents and test results to save more money… then later spend said money on whores and overpriced blended whiskey.

Or perhaps you are just looking for a reason to have whatever little idealistic faith in humanity that remains in your soul crushed mercilessly out of you… in which case I suggest you book a ticket to Seoul immediately.

Welcome to the Klown Show.


3 thoughts on “Klownisms?

  1. Go die of a massive heart attack, fugly fata r s ed yank c v n t. Your useless “race” is the lowest of them all. 9/11 was a fantastic day. I was busy drinking champagne and laughing my a r s e off during that entire day over here in my flat in Brixton. It was so funny to see your ugly c u n trymen jumping to their deaths thousands of metres below, and their bodies exploding in a billion chunks. I wish I could have been there, so I could have taken a nice whiz on those bloody remains.

    This is probably my favourite picture of a useless dead yank, a fate which all yanks, good or bad, thoroughly deserve.

    The planes crashing were also fantastic. Useless fat yanks perishing in the blink of an eye, their bodies being incinerated and turned to charred ash in seconds.

    The towers coming down was the absolute best part of that magnificent day. It was awesome seeing the thousands of worthless fat yank nonces being crushed, torn to pieces, and pulverized by the thousands of tons of concrete.

    It was really funny watching you fat yank prats cry like little babies, knowing that your family members met a gruesome demise, and you’d never get to ever see them again.

    Hitler was a truly awesome, inspirational man. Pity you and your entire family, and all you other stupid yank twats couldn’t have been gassed or cremated, just like the good-for-nothing kykes.

    Tim McVeigh was also a great man, and hopefully more such individuals will level your useless buildings, slaughtering countless yank w a n k e rs in the process.

    And it was fantastic hearing your useless p u s s y soldiers being slaughtered in Iraq. It was a real shame you lot pulled out, since it would be great seeing more of your scummy race being used as cannon fodder and being pulverized in a meat grinder.

    I’d love to meet you in real life, so I can plunge a nice knife into your fat yank belly, and then tear it wide open, letting your entrails fall out, and let you meet a painful and excruciating demise.

    • So for those of you unfamiliar with this brain-shunted Klown, he is a bit of a legend.

      This is a Klown who lives abroad (as most of the most vehemently nasty psuedo-nationalist Klowns are) and copy-pastes strings of text (like the above) onto blogs that are anything but glowing with praise about the Kuntry that is so wonderful he couldn’t even stand to live there. I got spammed by four of his delightful messages today.

      So… the source of the anger is that civilized people don’t like the uncivilized Klowns who scream to anyone within earshot how civilized they are…

      And… your answer to this affront to the kulture you deem so faultless and progressive is pictures of dead 9-11 victims and expressing a desire to urinate on the bodies of murdered civilians?

      I really hope you don’t have access to weapons, Sir Klownsalot, defender of the Han. We don’t need another Virginia Tech.

      As for “pussy soldiers”, if you ever do actually make it to visit the Kuntry you don’t live in and know little about yet defend with vitriol that puts mine to shame, come check out the excuses for soldiers guarding your relatives.

      At any rate, get a fucking job Klown and stop wasting my oxygen.

  2. Reposted from a reddit attack on the use of the word “Klown”:

    Reddit: The New Dave’s

    Part white-guilt suffering social rejects, part entitlementia-suffering fuckbag kyopos.

    The term “Klown” is akin to the term “redneck”, which I **don’t hear a single fucking person, ever, complaining about**.

    The term “redneck” is a derogatory slang term meant to reference an American Caucasian person with a certain level of socialization, education and intelligence.

    Exactly how many of you selectively hypocritical fucks wants to get all indignant about the use of the term redneck? Hmm? Nobody? That’s what the fuck I thought.

    “Nigger” is a term meant to denigrate everyone with a certain color of skin, an entire racial group.

    “Gook” is a now-archaic term that was meant to denigrate everyone of a certain ethnic group. I’m not sure if it was more about race or culture, but what I *do* know is that it was derived from “migook”, which was the generic, generalizing term used by Koreans to describe anyone with a white face. I suppose the irony that the “racist” term was derived from the racism of the Koreans escapes you…

    I use the term “racist” in quotes because Korean is NOT A FUCKING RACE. Let’s hope to fuck that the claims of Klowns that Koreans are “of pure blood” ISN’T true as that would logically mean that the population of the peninsula is quite literally and deeply inbred. East Asian might be considered a “race”. Koreans are a “cultural group”.

    The term “Klown” refers to the socialization and “culture” of a group of people. It should come as no surprise to anyone who has lived here for some time and who has a firm and realistic grasp on reality that far too many Koreans are Klowns… just as far too many residents of Kentucky are rednecks.

    You know why you don’t see people rushing the defend those labeled “rednecks” or “hicks”? Because they deserve the label. Fuck, even rednecks know they deserve to be called rednecks. I’m not African-American, so I won’t speak too much into the use of the term “nigger” within the black community, but those of you who ARE African-American will know that, within the African-American community, the term is about socialization and NOT race.

    But i digress. Klowns, as I have mentioned, are incapable of self-reflection. Everyone and everything anti-Klown must be evil, regardless of the disgusting, sadistically-abuse, hateful nature of Klownism. Everyone else must be wrong.

    And as for the term Klown containing the reference to bigotry… I didn’t coin the term, nor did I author the definition, but it sure is discriminatory. Unapologetically so, as it should be.

    If I’m acting like a complete asshole (which I am known to do), saying “You’re an asshole” is completely justified. I’m not going to argue with you or get sand in my panties about it. You’re right, I’m an asshole. If I’m a Klown, I deserve to be called a Klown. If I’m ignorant, I deserve to be called out as ignorant.

    Use of the term Klown is about people tired of swallowing Klown shit because it isn’t “PC” to complain about the fucked up, filthy, fully sociopathic way that Klowns behave towards each other and everyone else. It is fully a social term. It is a social indoctrination that happens within Korea and is heavily supported by the status quo within Korea, much as ignorant rednickism is supported by the Tea Party and Fox News (both of which I’m willing to bet you have NO PROBLEM trash talking), just as redneckism is something socially supported within certain large areas of the US. It should thus be unsurprising that “Klown” goes together with “Korea” as much as “redneck” goes together with “American”. As an American, I have no problems with the use of the term “redneck” as I fucking hate the backwards social behavior of rednecks. Why YOU have a problem with the word “Klown” is highly suspect.

    It sure as fuck isn’t about right and wrong because if you gave even half a fuck about right and wrong, you would have an enormous problem with Klownisms. In the same vein, it isn’t about decency or respect or decorum, because if you cared a whit about those things you would be right there next to me attacking Klowndom.

    Nope. The real world of actual, physical reality doesn’t interest you quite as much as the pretend world of internet does.

    I know you fucks. You lower your head and avert your eyes as the drunk, skid-mark ajosshi pushes and screams at an abuses the local grocery clerk… then you log on to Reddit to play internet White Knight.

    Fuck you, you disingenuous kunts. You have no interest in real-world, in-front-of-your-fucking-face violations of human rights and decency, so don’t you claim to be offended by me when you deliberately ignore a thousand offenses from the office to the safety of your keyboard.

    You want to fight the good fight? Go outside (assuming you aren’t some fuckbag kyopo living off your parents’ emmigrated money somewhere in actual civilized society and commenting on the culture of a country you know nothing about first-hand) and fight that fight. There is more than enough within 100 meters of your doorstep to keep you busy for a month.

    You won’t though. You have no sack for it.

    You’d much rather spend your time arguing about the use of the term “Klown” than attacking the origins of the word. You’re not interested in decency or equality, you’re only interested in being an asshole.

    Kongrats. You’re officially a Klown.

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