Tikk Tokk

Tick, glorious fucking tick tock.

My last month in this rancid feces smear of a “kulture”.  9 years I’ve watched this place’s people kanibalize themselves to a point of no return.

What better way to kap it off than one last soul-nah (l)? 

As I watch the little pig people slobber all over each other to get fleeced with the world’s most expensive groceries and pile into their tinfoil shitboxes to suffer in traffic with people they secretly hate all to konvince themselves and others that they aren’t the sociopathic narcissists they really are.

As I step over the countless frozen circles of orange vomit on my way, fuck,  anywhere my step feels lighter.  I may actually be skipping.

I have nearly killed myself with work this “holiday” season.  I think I’ve been averaging 5 hours a night of fitful sleep, haunted gleefully by thoughts of freedom.  Like a prisoner counting down the final days of his sentence I can taste the fresh air, if yet only in my mind.

I thought about doing a month in southeast Asia before going home, for the sun and smiles, but I don’t think I’ll ever want to set foot in this continent again.  I’m sure I’ll suffer PTSD the rest of my life.  So severely has this fuckstain kuntry warped me that I’m even thinking a moron like Trump might be a good call for president since he’ll shut the borders tighter than a nun’s knees.  With any luck that will include Klowns.

I won’t be voting for Trump.  Don’t worry.  But fuck if I never want to hear another klown as long as I live.

The bitter whistling winter winds of Chicago sound as sweet as summertime Georgia windchimes in my mind.

Tick fucking tock.

Klown Komments 4

An oldie but a a goodie.  This Kunt hounded my early posts, desperate for validation and attention.  I approved one of his “I’m gonna get you” posts and that just encouraged him to go the fuck off.  I think he sent in something like ten komments in a couple of days, each more disturbing than the next.

And since I just don’t have the time or energy to put up my “Jakkob’s Ladder” post yet, I’ll take the lazy man’s shortcut (Samsung calls it “Benchmarking”) and copy-paste some old shit out of the comments section.

Original reply to “Man’s Best Friend“:

LJ (Little Johnson?) wrote:

I will find out who you are, and I will expose your true identity when I do. Have fun when the students, schools, and Koreans around you know your true attitudes towards them 🙂

Be patient and enjoy it while you can.

But when you komment on a WordPress Site, you leave your IP open.  Many of us (smarter than Little Johnson) use proxies or IP masks or VPNs, so what I get back is garbage, but not Little Johnson.  So I had a go:

Well “comingforyou@yahoo.com”, John (I didn’t put up his IP or last name… perhaps I should have), I guess my first question is, “Why the fuck do you care?”

Here you are, some ethnically-Korean American [using] an IP with a lot of open ports (http://imgur.com/bG6VT46) posting out of Buffalo, New York (and already reported for spam here, tsk tsk http://www.stopforumspam.com/ipcheck/, on Patton Place halfway between Quantico Ct and Hershey Ct (GPS Location: 42.9864,-78.7279)

Nice neighborhood! http://imgur.com/Q7LZhIo

(that is a beautiful swimming pool in the back yard by the way)

Nice pool! http://imgur.com/zqF4d2I

using the Hudson Valley Host/colocrossing company operating out of Kingston, NY… (the abuse team contact info 1-800-497-5377 and abuse@hudsonvalleyhost.com for things like online threats)

So again, why do you care? Do you just hate free speech? Do you just need to threaten people online?

I’m going to guess that you have absolutely nothing better to do. I’m also going to guess that you have exactly zero bills each month that you need to pay for yourself, giving you nothing but time. Wow man, that sounds fucking awesome! Living off mom and daddy, playing Playstation, nice computer, maybe even your own shiny car… fuck, I’m jealous! Zipping around your sweet American neighborhood in your little sports car, not having to look at gobs of phlegm, puddles of vomit and piles of festering food garbage. When you pull up and start walking to the local gyopo hot spot to get some noodles and Hite beer, you can actually hear the birds in the trees as people around you are talking in human tones and not trying desperately to deafen one another. Nice. Really, really fucking nice. In the land that really established things like free speech as a modern civil right, making sure to attack others for it half a world away.

Fuck man. I’m so envious. I wish that the biggest concern in my life was trying to destroy the real life of someone who posted something online that I didn’t agree with. I really, honestly wish that. I wish that my life was so empty, so void of responsibility, so devoid of worry and burden that I had nothing, and I mean NOTHING, more important to do than threaten some random internet stranger working his ass off with no support in some far away country that I have probably never visited because he said he didn’t like the disgusting way people around him lived. Holy shit! If that was my only concern I’d fucking dance the horsey dance from Gangnam Style naked on top of a statue of Sejeong.

The difference between me and a Klown (psst… you’re a Klown) is that what I say here doesn’t hurt anyone else or impact/hinder their ability to live life enjoyably, whereas Klown behavior is meant to negatively impact as many people as possible in the most foul ways possible. Instead of Klowns getting upset with one another for actually making the world a more unpleasant place to live in a very physical and vocal way, they get upset with me for being upset with them… to the point where, rather than saying “Golly yes. Vomiting all over the streets and shouting outside apartments at 2am on Sunday is uncivilized. We should seek to change that behavior” it’s all about “How dare an unhappy person say that they are unhappy, but, you know, only if they are non-Korean! We should get him fired and alert AES to have acid thrown at him!”

Funny thing is, even if my employer and students knew how I really felt about my immediate environment (which is very, very VERY fucking different from yours), I would still be the best thing going for those kids. All I see at work is a bunch of Klowns training kids, who might otherwise grow up to be decent human beings, to be Klowns. No critical thinking. No self-reflection.

Klowns don’t think about anything that they could throw tantrums over instead. If Klowns could think and were allowed to express themselves without worry of threats like yours, Korea would still have a Namdaemun Gate and hundreds of ferry-riding kids would still be alive. Here you are, a klowny example of Klowndom, refusing to actually think about the validity of anything I have to say, but rather plotting to deprive me of earning a living, which is the only thing I have that makes time here tolerable. Why? Don’t you have anything better to do?

I mean, if you don’t give a flying fuck about the behavior of Klowns and how that behavior impacts others, why the fuck do you care if I talk about it? You can surf to a different site, I can’t just click off the klownisms, so why don’t you?

Why don’t you head on upstairs, enjoy some of that food you didn’t need to pay for, watch some TV (not the cup finals tho since the Hawks fucked that up) on the LCD you didn’t need to buy, rub one out to some Japanese Cartoon porn on the computer you didn’t need to purchase and relax with a smoke on the patio overlooking the pool you didn’t need to worry about affording. Maybe that will mellow you out a bit. It must be nice to have the option to mellow out. I wish I could. I wish I could go anywhere, LITERALLY FUCKING ANYWHERE, to mellow out. I can’t at my apartment with my screaming/stomping neighbors, not at work with the screaming/running kids and shouting/smelly coworkers, not on the subway, not on the street, not at a restaurant, not in a park, fucking nowhere. You think about that in the afterglow of orgasm coupled with the hit of nicotine. You think about how fucking lucky you are to not have to tolerate and live with the shit I live with.

If you did, you might be an even angrier fuck than you are right now… and instead of spamming blogs you might just make one of your own to vent your frustration at having all civility robbed from you just so you could make money (I know you probably don’t understand that concept but imagine if you can).

In other news, I’ve decided that this will be my last year in Klown.  I don’t think I’ll even make it to next February to finish my contract, though a completion bonus would be a nice going away gift and the winter camp and tutoring money is hard to say no to.  I’ve almost hit my savings goal and am close enough at this point to call it Mission Accomplished by Christmas.  Some nice undervalued sectors in the States ripe for an upswing call for a man with cash on hand.  Some smart balanced investments and a low-overhead SME and I’ll be basically set for life.  Yes.  I will have had to sacrifice nearly a decade of my life the Koncentration Kamp of Klown, but the light at the end of the tunnel approaches and looks bright and beautiful.  The ESL game is not what it once was in Klown, and it looks like this year won’t be nearly as profitable as years past on an hour-to-hour comparison.  Every year I work harder for the same money while the system tries to fuck me at every turn.  At least I’m not Adam Carr.

Every year this place gets worse.  If you think Klown has a future – financially or socially – you are deluding yourself.  The Kancer has metastasized and the death throes aren’t all that far off.  If this kuntry makes it another 5 years with a katastrophic IMF-level kollapse I will be flabbergasted.  If you haven’t made your exit plans yet – start.


pedo_bear_by_theshadowsnightmare-d4fk8wi Do you know what a “Bagel Girl” is? It is a Klown slang term for a girl who has a woman’s body (tits and pubes I’m guessing) but the face of a child.  This is the most desired version of the female form in this deeply fucked, unredeemable social shithole.  You see, the Klown men want to feel as though they are fucking a child without the whole business of actually fucking a child – although truth be told they do plenty of that.  Korean men are South-east Asia’s largest customer group for underage sex apparently.  Beating out (pun intended) countries with far larger populations, the per capita rate of pedophilia seems unreasonably high for Asia’s Gallbladder.  There are some, like the recent missed-opportunity-for-an-abortion ajosshi, who just go ahead and and rape an infant, thus murdering the baby.  At least that fuck got arrested, where he will no doubt serve a year or two (if not just immediately released) and then be loosed back on the vomit-strew playgrounds of Klown.  Or the “sponsor” of a 14-year-old (real world age 12) runaway who exchanged housing and food for the right to violate a fucking child… and got away with it because, fuck it, he drove an Equus. In schools, teachers can fuck underage students basically at will since not a fucking thing will happen to them.  There are so many sex criminals working as teachers in the Klown education system they could fill an airplane… an airplane which should then be driven straight into the middle of an ocean.

In Klown – a place where all human decency, altruism and sense of community has not only long since died, but has been exhumed, violated anally and then covered in a coating of phlegm, vomit and urine before being unceremoniously tossed in a roadside ditch – it is the mission of the ajosshi ruling class to defecate on and destroy every last vestige of innocence and purity.  And what better way than to sexualize minors and then make the actual act of sexual violation of said minors a sort of decriminalized “vice”. Fuck this place.  It makes me feel physically revulsed. I’m not even going to bother linking the news articles for this post.  You go ahead and Google it.  I’m so fucking sick of this kuntry and it’s fucked up, brain dead, head-in-the-sand, shallow, soulless, utterly selfish, myopic, sado-masochistic abusive bullshit that I don’t feel like re-reading these headlines, let alone the stories, that make me sick to my stomach. But hey, nothing more evil than Quincy Black or Vadim Scott or whomever the evil westerner fucking the jailbait is.  Fuck those guys, by the way.

For all you readers out there:  do you feel like you want to fuck a child?  do you feel like that elementary school girl is “giving you the look”?  do you think those middle school girl hiking up their skirts “want it”? Do me and the rest of the species a giant Klownisms favor, okay?  I want you to head over to the kitchen, grab the biggest, sharpest knife you can find and open up your jugular with it.  It’ll only hurt for half a second, and the rest will come very swiftly, trust me.  The amount of Klown-like pain and suffering you will spare the human race will be worth it.  Don’t be a Klown.  Off yourself. But pedo pieces of shit don’t off themselves often enough, do they?  Instead, they move to Klown.  Why?  Because from what anyone with a brain can tell, pedo behavior is not just decriminalized here, it’s wholesale fucking encouraged.  By the entire pop culture.  Where else in the first world can one go where the statutory rape spirit of “Hit Me Baby One More Time” is institutionalized to the point of inhabiting every screen on every channel? 11005745_10155299765050473_1344131339_n(1) Look at this fucking waste of DNA.  She’s an internet “star” here in Klown.  Her videos for some reason pop up on my Facebook feed in the form of advertising.  Her schtick is to act like a 4 year old while flaunting her surgically-enhanced chest like a street corner whore looking for some crack money. This is sexy in Korea.  A woman acting like a toddler, holding a Pororo microphone and wearing an Elmo hat.  Oh, and from the neck down a Hooters waitress. Now as much as I am not a fan of Iggy Azalea and Nikki Minaj and Beyonce, at fucking least they look like women, not children.  If a woman wants to sell her sex, be it on screen or on a motel bed, I can tolerate that, just as long as she is a woman, a cognitively and emotionally responsible grown-ass woman – not a fucking child.GIRLS_ Day_kpop24.com1 This is some meaningless, interchangeable girls’ group apparently called “Girl’s Day”, which on the surface would sound empowering. “Oh hey, we’re Girl’s Day, here to usher in a new dawn of equality!”  But no.  It’s a bunch of ajosshi-3.8-inch-cock guzzling whores who, again, have their lady parts prominently displayed in cheap polyester while their faces say, “Hey!  I’m not just young, I’m a toddler!  Look how sexually desirable my far-past-the-point-of-relatable looks are!  Come on boys!   You know you want to impose your will upon my helpless, stickerbook-weilding ass! Come on girls!  You know you want to be exactly like me – waif-like, moronic and hyper-sexualized!” And yes, these teenagers guzzle ajosshi cock or they don’t get screen time.  We learned as much from the Jang Ja-yeong suicide, as if any reasonable person couldn’t figure it the fuck out in the first place. Honestly, when I was planning to write this piece, I had something more complete in mind.  More links, more pictures, more examples… but as I sat down to actually type it, I realized I didn’t have the desire to go through it all again, not even to spell it all out for you.  The Klown obsession with not only degrading and disempowering women (half the population), but fetishising them at an age where they are so impressionable that such overwhelming social pressures and media messages can’t help but warp the mind is sick.  It symptomatic of a greater population that has so completely abandoned the core ethical principles of modern society that it difficult for me to even include them in the phrase “my fellow man”.

You know who plays in kiddie pools with yellow rubber duckies?  4 year olds.

Yeah.  You wish ajosshi.  Smallest dicks in the world.  Maybe that’s exactly why they sexualize children worse than a Japanese hentai mag.  Maybe it’s all about their needle dicks.  Child-size penises seeking out children?  Once again, just go get that kitchen knife.

You can do a search for “cute k-pop” on YouTube.  What you get is one scene of “playing with stuffed animals” juxtaposed with twerking.   “Making cupcakes with pouty lips” followed by “repeated crotch rubbing”.  “Coloring in my coloring book” next to “Jersey turnpike”.  “Changing my diapers” alongside “riding a sybian”.  It’s fucked up. And it’s on every channel.  And it’s everywhere.  And it gets worse every year.  And it’s marketed directly to pre-teen girls.  And it contains absolutely no positive or empowering messages – it’s all “Oppa! I’ll pout and you’ll treat me badly but I’ll chase you wearing a onesie so you’ll smile at me and give me a lollipop.”  And no, this isn’t some curmudgeonly disparagement of something found everywhere…. this is some sick shit and it goes way beyond the natural tendencies of men to favor youth.

And perhaps I know why.

Women are Korea’s only hope.  The men are so far-gone that it’s useless to try to save them.  They are universally despised – by everyone from Indonesian tourist hotspots to Lufthansa employees to White House staff to one another.  Ajosshis are hated, and hate each other, and hate themselves, which is why they kill themselves so fucking frequently.  Korean women might actually be able to save something from the sinking ship of Klown, but so threatened are ajosshi by women, so deathly afraid that women might actually prove them redundant, that they actively marginalize them on a scale unseen by a world where women have been marginalized for millennia.  The message to young women is clear: “You are worthless as anything but a sexual object, and only then as long as you pretend to be below the age of majority.  You shall have no power.  You shall have no authority.  You shall have no self-respect, let alone the respect of others.  You will take your obedient place in the line-up of the over one million prostitutes we have in Klown.”

I’m not a woman or a raging feminist, but I teach these young girls the industry is targeting.  I see the effect it has on their already beaten and defeated minds and spirits.  It upsets me.. but in Klown, it doesn’t surprise me.

So once again, fuck you Klown.

Happy New Klown


Well that didn’t take long.  Day 11 of 2015 and we’re off to the races.

” The fire was started from a car parked on the ground floor, which blocked the entrance to the building and caused difficulties for residents who were attempting to flee”

The National motto should be “Never Learn”


I wasn’t going to touch the story about “nut rage”, but I can’t seem to bring myself to deny long-time reader and all-around temptress, Dolly, who requested something be written.

I wasn’t going to touch the story because, let’s face it, anyone who knows anything about Klown knows that this isn’t news. Not even the scale of it is news. This is your typical, mundane Tuesday afternoon in Klown.

It’s so very fucking traditional.

Let’s do a quick recap:

Prior to the (most recent) Japanese colonization in 1910, Klown was a stinking, festering mud pit of lean-to shanties, teeming with unwashed masses of disease-bearing serfs. It was a dogpile of illiterate, toothless farmers shitting in the same kinds of holes in the ground in which they buried their “food”stuffs. And no, this isn’t hyperbole. A filthy cesspool of ignorance and peasantry.

Today it’s pretty much exactly the fucking same, only with some concrete, electric lights and PVC-clad whores with cosmetically-obtained garden spade chins.

Anywhore, the Japanese came in and industrialized the place. Building amazing and miraculous things that the locals had never imagined, things such as roads, plumbing, hospitals with soap, factories, toilets, power plants… they forcibly dragged the palsy child of Klown out of the feces-smeared cave of 15th century ignorance and into the 20th.

Thanks to the Americans, the Japanese were defeated in WW2 and forced to depart the Korean Peninsula (AKA “Asia’s Gallbladder”). They left behind all the infrastructure they had crafted over the previous 35 years. One can imagine the Klowns, simian like, grunting, pointing and poking with sticks the strange metal and stone remains, perhaps gnawing on the edge of a drill like an infant trying to assess whether a book is or is not edible.

In what might be called in the movie world Planet of the Klowns, preferential access to said infrastructure and factory equipment was given to ideological loyalists, and following a coup, the 60s and 70s saw the rise of the chaebol. A dictator hand-selecting family-owned conglomerates to not only have access to the Japanese-made infrastructure, but also the Japanese and American money that was flooding into the country.

Reparations and grants and loans flooded Klown, but it didn’t find its way to the masses. Some people hit the ghetto lottery, like Klowns who purchased worthless Gangnam real estate before the farmland was paved over and the value skyrocketed. But as a whole, South Korea hit the Cold War Proxy Lottery. Moronically-titled “Miracle on the Han”, there was nothing “miraculous” about it. Tons of unearned funds flooding into the hands of a corrupt government that, instead of improving the lives of the people (who were working in sweatshops for slave labor wages while doing, for free, the jobs civil servants should have been paid to do), gave the money to these Klown korportations in the form of guaranteed, low/no interest loans and kickbacks.

Miracle? The infrastructure was inherited, the money was misappropriated, the designs and methodology were straight up patent infringement, and all this was overlooked by Uncle Sam, who was right in the depths of the Red Scare and couldn’t be bothered trying to parent (great role model). Typically, the chaebol Klowns are all self-congratulatory over their economic success and market dominance though every single aspect of their empire was given to them on a platter, or stolen by them from far more deserving rivals.

From the outset, chaebols have been taught that the average Korean isn’t worth the foul phlegm they decorate every surface with. But who can blame them? This is Klown Kulture. There is no respect. There is no appreciation. There is no loyalty. To a Klown, other Klowns aren’t even human. So when this reptilian bitch, this walking, talking yeast infection, Cho Hyun-Ah, does as Klowns do to each other each and every day, I didn’t even bat an eye.

Par for the fucking course.

The reward for the Saemaeul Undong, Uri Nara generation was a giant ‘fuck you’. Impoverished grannies selling cooch for ten bucks while the big korporations ship jobs overseas and humiliate airline stewards. Korean-made products cost as much as double (or more) here in Korea compared to North America. The ‘thank you’ for delayed social growth, nay, social retardation, to make these chaebol families rich is to grossly overcharge the domestic consumers (over which they have a government-reinforced monopoly) to pad their thin margins as they remain competitive overseas against companies that actually innovate instead of stealing every single idea they have. And as unethical as western corporations (and humans in general when It comes to money and power) are, this just goes beyond in so many other levels. It’s pretty fucking sick.

This is all just one example of the many ways in which Klown is a giant lie.

Uri nara my ass. A bunch of goat-raping, syphilitic, simple-minded vassals, crawling and clawing, backstabbing and nut-raging. “Miracle”. Pft. The only miracle here is that the whole system hasn’t already imploded so dramatically that even the IMF couldn’t bail Klown out.

But that day is coming.

And when it does, anal pustules like Cho Hyun Ah and her ilk will do as so many propaganda-spewing inner party Klowns have done before them, take as much money as they can and emigrate it out of the kuntry. They’ll live their lives in luxury while the whole shithouse goes up in flames. Only the saving grace is that they won’t be throwing nuts in anyone’s face. Oh no. They’d best quickly learn how to shut their shout-talking Klown face holes and look over their shoulders.

Fuck Cho Hyun Ah. Fuck her father. Fuck the chaebol and fuck Klown.

These resource thieves have no value. With any luck, she’ll go off herself in a field somewhere like the Sewol owner. That way at least she’ll fertilize a few plants and help return some of the oxygen she’s stolen away from the rest of us.

Klown Komments 3

As usual, reposted from the comments section:

Adam Carr Writes (in response to “Self Kongratulatory“:

Hahaha. You’re still such a fucking waste of what would otherwise be talent. Only you would be such an adorable little bitch about being nominated for an award, even if it is rightly for being a sad wank stain. 😉

Oh Adam, did I hurt your feelings?

Look little guy, I know it’s tough, being old and balding and still making less than pretty much everyone you went to school with, but buck up, at least you have the K-blog awards!

It must be frustrating that I bang these little vents off in my scant spare time while you invest so, so much time and energy into pretending to be a “writer” and promoting your worthless blog.

You’ll never make money with your “writing”, and any life improvement you perceive it makes it strictly self-delusion. It’s sad. Sad you think you have any relevance.

But you don’t. Not at all.

What happens when you turn 50, and you’re still stuck here making next to minimum wage with progressively fewer employment opportunities? Thailand? Myanmar? Traditional Klown suicide?

I’d say marry a Klown girl with money, but one of them wouldn’t touch you with a full Ebola – grade bio hazard suit on.

Maybe you could blog about the future of loser esl teachers who struggle to find meaning by imagining themselves Internet famous via blogs while edging ever closer to perpetual unemployability in your next post. Title it “My Sad, Sad Future”

His Reponse (because little fucking Napoleon-complex sufferers like Klowns never know when to fucking stop):

I’m not an ESL teacher, and I probably make a lot more than you.

Damn, that was disappointing. I was hoping for better. It appears as though there is a limit to your pointed vitriol.

Oh Adam, Adam, Adam.

Why do you have this obsession with embarrassing yourself?


You work at SK Hynix (a job you have had a scant 5 months and from which you’re already looking for an exit strategy) as an “in house language consultant” who “confabs with [ajosshi] for a living”. [Previously: Nara Education Academy, Lotte Language Academy, LFA Academy] You could call yourself “Royal Magistrate of Foreign Vocal Formations” and it still fucking means you’re a fucking ESL teacher. You teach English. Get the fuck over yourself.

Delusional fucking twats… oh yeah, and you’re an “adventurer” (presumably because you’ve ventured outside your home state to this fucking toilet bowl) and a “writer” (who has a readership of maybe a few dozen sunken-chested Western reject peers desperately clamoring, as you do, to finally find acceptance here in the land of low standards). You’re a joke. You and your meaningless degree in fucking philosophy (no wonder you’re such an arrogant, useless sack of befoulment).

And no, Adam, you don’t make more than me. I make quite comfortably on the plus side of 9 figures a year. You know how I do it? As an ESL teacher, Adam. Kids, executives, kimchi moms… hell, even housepets if they pay me. I’m an ESL teacher. I’m not suffering from self-delusions of grandeur like you are. I don’t feel the need to lie about my profession to escape embarrassment.

You know how else I make that much Adam? Because I don’t waste time being a fucking cheerleader like you do. All that time you spend trying to get Klowns to like you, writing about how great Klown is, being an impotent, limp-dicked apologist… all wasted. Klowns don’t like you. They don’t want to be your friend. You’re a novelty. An organ grinder monkey. You’re not a person, you’re a waegookin. A gojangii. That’s what Klown is. But just as you insist on deluding yourself about being an ESL teacher, a writer and a relevant human being, you also lie to yourself about the nature of Klown.

You refuse to live in reality. And when it comes crashing in on you, and you realize you’ve put all your chips on the losing hand, it’s going to be fucking devastating to you. Who knows if your psyche can take it?

So come on here and lie all you fucking want about your lot in life Adam. I know the truth, and try as you might to escape it with fantasyland dreams of your life having meaning, you’re going to know the truth too. Maybe someone will blog about it. “Scantily Remembered ESL-Teacher-Turned-Klown Nosedives Into Phlegm and Vomit Puddle in HBC


I’m going to tell you something.

Something true, but something taboo.

Something that will (with any luck) make the heads of koreaboo, ajosshi-jizz-guzzling K-pop aficionado fuckbags literally explode.

Not all cultures are equal.

Not all cultures are beautiful.

Not all cultures have value.

Now this isn’t eugenics, because eugenics has to do with race and genetic ethnicity.  What I’m talking about isn’t racial, because aside from a few small physiological tendencies associated with certain genetic subsets, I’m of the mind that we’re all quite capable of species advancement and improvement on a socially-cooperative, mutualistic basis.  Capable, yes, but as that old Nature-nurture chestnut gets more and more clearly resolved, capability doesn’t mean shit without the proper environment.

So I don’t buy into “racial superiority” personally.  I don’t think race is a Darwinistically-favored trait outside of immediate physical survival (i.e. darker skin for intense sunshine in the tropics, shorter arms and legs for heat conservation among Inuit etc), meaning that now that we humans are entirely socially-selected animals – in the sense that we create our own physical environments to a large extent and are therefore not subject to the same natural selection criteria as other animals – race means fuck all.  But culture.

There are most definitely superior cultures.

Now the apologists are already starting to get red in the face… an aneurysm boiling in that vein in the neck… it’s not the bowing versus handshake, or the roundabout versus the 4-way stop or the kimchi versus the edible food… but the deep culture, the framework upon which a regional society is built, that can most assuredly be superior or inferior.

Of course, all cultures have inferior and superior qualities and attributes, but taken as a whole and independent from a human nature baseline, Klown Kulture is inferior.

If the ultimate goal of humanity is to accomplish goals such as: interstellar travel and trans-planetary habitation, instantaneous sharing and expansion of collective knowledge base, zero-pollution energy production, sustainable and safe food production for billions, zero species extinction and the like, Klown Kulture is nothing but an unfortunate vomit puddle along the path to evolution.

For reasons I have already written extensively about (copying and stealing versus innovating, sadistic abuse of others for no measurable gain, refusal to set and enforce logical codes of conduct and boundaries, brainwashing with outdated nationalistic propaganda, inability to self-educate through historical precedent, unwillingness to be self-critical of kulture, biting the hand that feeds, poor sportsmanship, a general coating of putrid filth and rot over every possible surface, self-deluding tendencies, and so on and so on) Klown Kulture is inferior.  Inferior in an evolutionary sense.  With few (if any) positive and useful traits.

I struggle to think of even one aspect of Klown Kulture that I would like to see preserved in the global fabric and passed forth to future generations of humans.  Ummm… uhh… the only things that come to mind are the bald-faced lies that Klowns tell themselves about their cultural values.  Things like “we respect our elders” and “we are the best parents“.  But I honestly can’t think of anything… nothing… nothing that I would want to see kept.

Oh wait!  Maybe… nope.  That’s also bullshit.  I guess there isn’t anything.

When a tradition or aspect of a culture is flawed or counterproductive, the intelligent thing to do is to get rid of it in favor of something that makes sense, not blindly defend it just because it existed yesterday.  Segregation and institutionalized racism (such as apartheid), public beheadings, witch hunts and bloodletting were all traditional aspects of Caucasian culture… but they were terrible, regressive ideas that got tossed out.  Adjustments were made.  Social evolution was achieved.  An example and precedent was set and modeled for others.

Some cultures and “traditions” just need to go.  Western Klown apologists (Kaucasian Klowns), spineless protest-bus ESL teachers and the like just can’t accept that the society immediately surrounding them has no value, because that means accepting that we are in purgatory here, a shitty work camp we may never escape from.  A bad choice.  A plane ticket that should have never been purchased.

I don’t expect those same apologists would, for example, extoll the virtues of traditional Islamic culture on display when a teenage girl is flogged to death for having a boyfriend.  The connection between the “culture” and the action is so clear and uncommon, it’s hard to make the “people do stuff like that all over the world” argument as Koreaboo apologists so often do when it comes to 300 dead kids on a ferry or yet another traffic fatality.  The misogyny on display with “traditional” female genital mutilation in some cultures is an extreme example, but fully in the same vein as the million prostitutes in Klown, the domestic abuse, the workplace inequity etc.  Slavery is “bad culture” but forcing children to study 70+ hours a week in sacrifice of everything else and for no appreciable end result isn’t “cultural” at all?

The reprehensible behavior that is common within a society, whether that be cops shooting black kids (Rambo culture meets fear of a black planet culture) or universal, socially-reinforced hierarchical sadistic abuse (The Human Centipede culture), stems from culture.  Like with Nature-Nurture, there are certain aspects of human nature that are just anti-social, and no society is completely free of murderers, thieves, litterbugs or shout-talkers, but when there is such an overwhelming tendency, such a high per-capita/per-meter rate of observabilty of a certain behavior linked to a certain group of people, it is completely logical and justifiable to link the underlying culture to the resultant behavior.

The apologist taint-lickers who get all indignant when it is suggested that scores of dead people in “accidents” is actually a manifestation of culture in Korea I guaranfuckingtee don’t hesitate for the split second it takes Michael Moore to inhale a honey cruller to pin the obscene numbers of gun-related deaths each year in America to culture.  Why?  Because they aren’t logical or academic, they just like to imagine they are.  They like to imagine their liberal arts degree from the local state college has enlightened them and made them philosophers (and apparently bloggers).  They aren’t.  They’re full of shit; they’re idiots thinking themselves idealists. They avoid the harsh, cold light of realistic reflection like Dracula avoids the dawn.

I’m a realist.  When I see a short, fat, weak, pug-nosed, beady-eyed, asthmatic guy trying hard (and failing) to calculate tax or a tip, I think, “Genetic weak link.  That guy needs to be naturally selected out of the equation.”  Yeah, he’s a human.  Yeah, he’s got parents somewhere that love him.  I don’t hate the guy, unless he’s bothering me or impeding my right to pursue happiness, but he shouldn’t reproduce.  Not PC to say in this world of white-guilt, hold-hands-across-the-globe, the-children-are-all-god’s-creatures…. but true.

When I see Klown and its kulture, I feel precisely the same way.  Sure, its a culture.  Sure, there are some Klowns out there who profess to love it, but it shouldn’t propagate.  Nobody else should need to be indoctrinated into it.  It’s a social weak link.  Not PC to say…but true.